Six // So Close

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I'm in the car with Casey.

The scream over the phone- that was her.

She's pregnant.

"God, I'm so glad you agreed to come with me. My nails are wretched." She says.

I smile.

"No problem. Mine are pretty bad too."

The car comes to a stop, and we get out.

"My mom is going to freak. I mean, she's loves Ash, but this is too much for her."

"Well, I'm happy for you two."

She smiles.


I walk into my apartment and see Peggy standing in the living room.

I drop my purse and jump on her.

"Peggy!" I yell.

She hugs me.

"I missed you so much!" She says.

"I missed you too!" I tell her.

"I have so many pictures and videos to show you. And I have a question." She says.

"Okay, what is it?"

"Why is there a pair of boxers in the laundry room?"

I laugh.

"They're Calum's." I say.

Her eyes widen.

"No! No! I'm actually not sure how I got them, but I was wearing them after a party at their place. I came home in them. They're comfortable."

She nods.

"Okay, sure. So how is that going?"

"It's not really going. Well, it's goes- but then it stops. I'm feeling a little played."

"Talk to him."

"I can't. We've only been on like, one real date. But he always comes over and asks me to go to parties. And he checks on me a lot."

"Then he likes you." She says simply.

"You think so?" I ask her.

"I know so."

The door opens.

It's Calum.

"Told you." Peggy says in my ear.

"Hi, Peggy." Calum says.

She waves to him.

"Stop that! What if you walked in like that one day, and I was naked?" I ask.

He smirks.

"I think I'd quite enjoy that." He says.

I roll my eyes.

"Of course. What is it today?"

"It's a beautiful day outside."

"It is." I nod.

"Oh, fuck it. Do you want to come over?"

"Peggy just got back." I say.

"Bring Peggy. I'm sure Mike and Luke would like to meet her."

"I'd like to meet them!" Peggy comes out of her room.

Calum shrugs.

"Peggy would like to meet them."

"Especially Michael." She adds.

"Especially Michael." Calum repeats.

"Fine! Fine!"

"I'll go get dressed." Peggy says.

Calum puts his hand around my waist.

"By the way, this is me not playing you." He says into my ear.


I'm hiding behind Luke's bed.

Calum is looking for me.

It's dark.

And this scary.

And I have to pee.

I hear footsteps.

I take a deep breath and hold it in.

White converse.

It's Calum.

I try to wiggle under the bed, but I end up kicking the dresser.

The alarm clock falls off.


The footsteps stop.

Hands wrap around my ankles, and I'm dragged out from under the bed.

I start squealing and kicking.

Calum pins me down and hovers over me.

"Gotcha." He whispers.

I take in a sharp breath and stare at his face in the dark.

He rests his forehead on mine.

It's about to happen.

This is the moment I've been waiting for.

The light flicks on.

"Did you get- oh, yes. There she is. Okay. Carry on." Ashton walks out.

I laugh and rub my face.

"Maybe next time." Calum says and climbs off of me.

He offers me a hand and pulls me up.




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