Seventeen // Pearls Are A Girl's Best Friend

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"Caroline, I'm so proud of you." My mother says.

I smile at her.

"Thank you, momma."

"I know your father and I always push you to do school, but you do whatever makes you happy. We will be happy. Understand?" She asks.

I nod.

"Yes, momma. I understand."

She kisses my forehead.

"So proud." She whispers.

Then she leaves.


That was different.

I need to go to the grocery store.

So I do.

I haven't been shopping a while.

And I run into Kate, of all people.

It's nice to know that even though I don't work for her, she still cares.


I go back home and decide to cook dinner.

"Hey, there's mail for you. From New York." Peggy drops it on the counter.

I dry my hands and pick it up.

"Holy shit. It's from Pearl."

"Your paycheck?" She asks.

I tear open the envelope.

There's a letter.

I read it aloud.

"Dear, Caroline. I had some success in selling your first design. I will admit, it wasn't my best work. Give me a chance, and I'll show you what I can really do with your art. I hope this is enough for now. With all my love, Pearl."

I take the check out.

I'm gonna faint.

"It's 4.700." I breathe.

"You're lying."

I shake my head and scream.

"Holy shit!" Peggy jumps up and down.

"This is insane. I'm gonna call him later." I put everything back in the envelope and run to my room.

"Something's burning!" Peggy yells.

I run back into the kitchen and take the bell peppers off the stove.

"I suck at this." I laugh.


I get a call from Aaliyah.

"Hey, girl. How's it going?" I answer.

"I'm alright. Tati isn't feeling good. She wants to talk to you."

I wait.

The speaking is muffled.

Then I hear her.

"Hey, Caro." She says hoarsely.

I smile.

"Hi, Tati." I say.

"My head hurts." She sighs.

"You'll be okay, baby. Call Nanny if you need anything, okay?"

"Don't call yourself that. You sound old. You're not old."

I laugh.

"I know. Goodnight, baby."

"Goodnight, CarCar."

And I go to sleep happy.


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