Ten // Figurative Big Places

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I'm over it.

I'm over him.

I'm over the bullshit.

At least that's what I tell myself.

I throw my clothes into the hamper and grab my sketchbook.

I decide to start sketching something I've been putting off for a while- Jonathan and Tati.

If he had gotten to meet her, that is.

I go to work, and when im halfway finished, my hand is covered in lead shavings.

I get up, grab an apple, and wash my hands.

Peggy walks inside.

"Saw Calum today." She says.

"Let me guess, with another girl." I groan.

She nods.

"I should've known he was going to play the shit out of me. Ugh, I'm stupid."

"No, you're not. He's stupid for playing you. She was dressed like a hooker, by the way."

I laugh.

"Well, that almost helps."

"Sketching today?" She sits on the couch.

I nod and sit next to her.

"Yeah. I miss it a lot."

"Well, you still have that offer from Ronaldo to do that showcase next week."

"You know what? I'll call him."

I scroll through my phone for his contact and hit the call button.

"Hi, Ronaldo, it's Caroline. Is that showcase still available?"


"No, no. The blue one."

"Black definitely."

"Blue. It compliments her facial features!"

"Black. It moves with her curves."

My new personal stylists argue over which dress I should wear to the gala.

"Um, I like the black one." I say quietly.

The one with the short hair smiles at me.

"I knew it. So, I suspect you'll want these Mary Jane platforms." She shows me a pair of black heels that I'll probably die in.

"Uh, yeah. Sure."

"Next Thursday will be your special night, Caroline. We can guarantee it." Ronaldo says.

I smile at him.

"Thank you so much for this opportunity. I'm so excited."

"You realize if Louise likes your designs, you could be headed big places. Well, figuratively. You'd still be in L.A."

I nod.

"Well, I think Caroline's had enough hands all over her today. Let's cut for the day." Ronaldo marches out.

I strip out of the black dress and throw on the romper I had on before.

I thank the stylists and hurry out behind Ronaldo.

We sit down at his desk, and he pulls up my dish oral portfolio.

"Basically, we'll need 15 of your best photographs and 30 of your best canvas pieces. Can do?" Ronaldo asks.

"Can do." I agree.

"Good. I'm giving you three days. I've got to run. It was nice to chat today." He kisses my cheeks.

"Caio, Ronaldo." I wave as I exit.

"Caio, my doll."

I get into the Uber he called for me and head back to my apartment.

Time to pick my best work.


I walk into McGuff's and see a huge poster- with one of my photos on it.

It's advertising my gala!

I order and coffee and a muffin while I wait for Peggy.

She walks in with Maria and Stephanie.

"Well, this is unexpected." I say.

"They were outside, and I invited them to eat with us." Peggy says as she sits next to me.

They all order breakfast and coffee, and we get down to talking about the gala.

And then the door swings open again.

It's Ash and Casey.


Obviously, he sees me.

He walks up and hugs me.

"How are you?" He asks before he pulls away.

"Fine." I respond quietly.

I hug Casey as well.

"Cal's an ass." She says.

I shrug.

"I'm over it, really. How are you guys?" I change the subject."

"Great, really great." Ash says.

"Well, these are my friends, Maria and Stephanie. You guys know Peggy."

They all exchange handshakes and smiles.

"Call me if you need anything, okay?" Ash rubs my back as Casey orders for them.

I smile at him and nod.

I sit down when they walk out.

"That wasn't awkward at all." Stephanie mumbles.

I can't help but to laugh dryly.

I think maybe I'll give Ashton a call later.

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