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I think I like him.

I mean, it's only been a few weeks.

But I want to be around him a lot.

Which might be why I agreed to go to some sketchy party with him tonight.

"Hey, Cal. Who's this?" A guy with spiky blonde hair asks him.

"This is Caroline." Cal puts his hand on my waist.

The guy winks at me.

A girl walks up to me and smiles.

"Hey, I'm Candy. Nice to meet you. Calum talks about you-"

"Alright, I'm gonna go get a drink." Calum walks away with the spiky haired guy.

"So, you're not dating?" She asks me.

I shake my head.

"Nope. Just friends."

She giggles a little.

"I thought you were dating. Oops."


"I dunno. He just talks about you a lot."

My face gets hot.

"What does he say?" I ask her.

She shrugs.

"Just that you're really pretty. And kinda weird. And really forward, whatever that means. And all the boys get along with you- that's probably important."

I nod.

"Yeah, probably."

I talk to Candy for a long time.

And then I check the time.

It's 1:30.

We got here at 10.

And Calum never came back.

I text him, but he doesn't answer.

"Candy, I'm gonna head out." I say after I get her number.

"Awe, okay. Text me sometime!" She hugs me.

I wave to her and find my way outside.

I know where I am.

I walk about a block down and catch a cab.

I'm laying down on the couch, watching SpongeBob.

My door opens.

I whip around and see Calum standing there.

"You should lock that." He says.

"Get out." I groan.

"I'm sorry." He walks closer to me.

I roll my eyes.

He grabs my wrists and tries to pull me up.

I kick at him.

He grabs me by my waist and finally wins.

He pulls me into a hug.

"I'm sorry. I'm an idiot." He says quietly.

"It's okay." I say.

He pulls away and starts to head toward the door.

"Hey, Calum." I say.

He turns around.

"Do you wanna stay the night? It's weird without Peggy here."

He locks the door and walks back over to me.

"You're welcome."


I wake up see Calum playing on his phone.

"Hey." He smiles.

"Hi." I say hoarsely.

He laughs.

"You have a cute morning voice."

I kick him underneath the covers.

"I'm gonna go get some coffee. Do you want anything?" He asks.

I shake my head.

He rubs my arm and stands up.

I hear the door close and go to take a shower.

When I get out, there's a text from Calum on my phone.

'Had a studio emergency..really sorry):'

I sigh.

'It's fine' I reply.

I start getting ready for work when Peggy calls me.


I walk to table 6 and see a familiar face.

"Hi, Caroline." Maria says.

I smile.

"Hey, Maria. Who's this?" I ask her.

"I'm Stephanie." She tells me.

"This is my girlfriend."

"Well, I'm glad I finally met you. I'm Caroline."

"I saw you in magazine. At Parker's in town." Stephanie says.

"Me? Couldn't have been."

She nods.

"Yeah! Something to do with 5 Seconds of Summer."



She was right.

It is me.

Pictures of me and Ashton.

And pictures of me and Calum.

And guess what the article is called.

"This Bad Girl HAS Been Caught....With 1/2 of 5SOS!"

Good god.

I call Ash.

"Hey, Caro." He answers.

"Hi. We're in a magazine."

"A what?"

"A magazine. Me and you. And me and Calum. People think we're dating."

"All of us?"

"Close enough."

"Don't get worked up over it. Nobody believes them anyway. Where is Calum?"

"He said he had a studio emergency." I answer.

"That's weird-"

"Ashton!" I hear someone scream.

"Hey, I'll call you back."

And then the line drops.

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