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I sat up in my bed and looked around. I was alone, yet again.

With a yawn, I slithered out of bed and trudged over to the kitchen to make coffee.

The TV was still on, considering I rarely ever turned it off. I hated the silence.

The faint murmur of the HGTV show echoed through my apartment, and I shut my eyes while I waited for my coffee to brew. The smell of the coffee wafted through the small space and I inhaled deeply, letting myself fall deeper into the nothingness in my mind.

The beep of the machine snapped me out of my little trance, and I went over to finish preparing my coffee.

Just then, my door swung open.

"Stop right there! I went to get breakfast, love."

I smiled at Calum and went over to meet him at the door. He was holding two brown paper bags and two cups of coffee in his hands.

"You could've left a note," I said as I took the bags from him, "Thank you."

He kissed my cheek and joined me on the couch in the living room. I flicked through a few channels before landing on E! News.

Calum handed me my coffee, and I took a sip from the cup.

He slung his arm around my shoulder, pulling me in closer to him. I snuggled in as closely as I could, relaxing into his embrace.

"Good coffee?" Cal asked me.

I looked up at him and nodded.

"Yes. Thank you," I said.

He smiled at me and kissed me softly.

"Anything for you, my love," he said as he stroked my hair, "happy anniversary."

"Happy anniversary," I replied.

This was what I had always wanted. This life, this boy, this love. And I had it all, right here in New York.

It didn't matter that he lived everywhere else. It didn't matter that he was world famous and I was a little-known artist. It didn't matter that we fought or didn't always get along. It didn't matter that I stayed up every night when he wasn't here, just wishing he was next to me.

None of that mattered. Because when he was here, we made the most of it. We had made it to a year, and I was sure we'd make to 100 more.

He came back for me. He kept his promise. He loved me unconditionally.

The flip was today, and every day after that- forever.



Okay, it's actually been 2 years since I updated this so that's kind of insane.

I figured you guys deserved a proper ending, even if this was really short.

I love you all so much.

- Em.

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