Sixteen // Rock Bottom

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When I wake up, I'm crushed.

He's gone again.

I should've guessed it.

Maybe I thought he was different.

I get dressed and take a long walk to the hotel.

Ash answers the door and hugs me.

"Hi." He whispers.


Luke walks out and looks at me awkwardly.

"Why'd you hit him?"

"I can't believe you're still worried after he left you again this morning." He barks at me.

"Luke!" I grab his collar.

"Why did you hit him?" I demand.

"Because I was worried about you! He said if I cared so much then I should just date you. I told him that's not what I wanted, and I said I should do it anyway. He shoved me. I reacted. I'm sorry, Caroline."

"Where is he?" I ask.

"Right here." I hear his voice behind me.

I push him into his room and close the door behind me.

"You left- again." I say.

He sighs.

"I hate that. That's my least favorite thing in the world." I ramble.

"I was gone for a week. One week. You just couldn't keep to yourself, could you? Committed to your music? Bullshit."

"God, Caroline! Stop worrying about me! Live your own life for once. If you keep worrying about everyone else you'll just upset yourself. I don't like it when you're upset." He says.

"How ironic, since the reason I'm upset is almost always you!"

"God, I'll never be enough for you, will I? I'm not perfect, Caroline! I make mistakes!" He yells at me.

"I'm not perfect either. You were always enough for me. I just couldn't ever be that for you." I say in a whisper.

A tear rolls down my cheek as I run out.

And that's the second time I cry in front of Calum Hood.

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