Four // 5 A.M.

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I wake up coughing again.

Peggy walks into my room.

"I see you're not feeling any better." She says.

I shake my head.

"So, I'm leaving for my show in New York tomorrow. I'll be there for two weeks." She says.

I nod.

"Im gonna get you some soup because you look like shit." She laughs and walks out.

My phone starts ringing.

"Hello?" I answer.

It's my sister in law, Aaliyah."

"Hey, Caro. Tatiana has a fever, and I have no clue what to do. She keeps crying."

"Give her a cold towel and take her temperature. If it's above 99, take her to the doctor." I say.

She laughs a little.

"Weird that her 18 year old godmother knows better than her 30 year old mother. Thanks, baby." She says.

I smile.

"No problem. Call me to let me know how she's doing." I tell her.

"Of course." She hangs up.

My doorbell rings, and I jump up to put on shorts.

I put my hair up open the door.

It's Calum.

I never look good when he shows up like this.



He smiles a little.

"You look like hell." He says.

"Thanks." I roll my eyes.

"Anyway, do you want to come to a party in an hour? It's at my friend, Jamie's."

"I'm sick, Calum"

"Then I'll stay here." He flops down on the couch.

"Don't stay here." I groan.

"Let's watch a movie." He says as he turns on the Xbox.

Peggy comes home, drops off the soup, and then leaves again to go shopping.

I sit down next to Calum as he turns on, of all movies, This Is Us.

He starts to rub my shoulder, and I get sleepy.

Eventually I lay down on him and drift off.


I wake up tightly wrapped up in a blanket.

In my bed.

He must have moved me.

I get up and smell bacon.

Slowly, I walk to the kitchen and see a plate of bacon and eggs.

And a sticky note.

"Sorry I had to skip this morning. I had fun. Xx- Cal"

I enjoy my breakfast and text Calum to thank him.

Peggy sits next to me.

"Are you gonna be okay today?"

I sigh and nod.

She hugs me.

"Okay, let's get going. I need to get to the airport." She says.


Ashton texts me as I'm laying in bed.

"What was ur tweet about?" He types.

"Peggy. I miss her a lot." I type.

"Are u okay?" He types back.

"Yes" I type back.

"Just alone for 2 weeks." I add afterward.

"You can come stay here." He types.

"No, I'll be ok. Thank u." I type.

"Our place is always open for u."



In my apartment.

Like always.

"Stop checking on me, I'm fine." I try to convince him.

"You're not. Just tell me what's wrong." He whines.

"No, Calum. I'm alright."


"Drop it! I'm perfectly fine!" I yell.

He laughs a little.

"C'mon, I'm taking you out." He stands up.

"Like, on a real date?" I ask.

He nods.


I love scary movies.

I love the thrill.

And the mystery.

And the screams of the audience.

And the secrets.

Everything about them.

Except this movie.

This is too much.

I keep jumping and making little whimpering noises, and Calum is laughing.

We go bowling after.

We play for chicken wings.

Calum wins.

Of course.

But he lets me take the wings.

"Will you be okay alone?" He asks as he walks me to my door.

I nod and unlock it.

"Are you sure you don't want me to stay?" He asks.

I shake my head.

"Thank you for tonight. It was fun." I say as I walk inside.

"No problem. Don't be afraid to call me- for anything." He adds.

I nod.

"Night." I wave and shut the door.

Curse my light sleeping.

I wake up because of a text.

It's from Calum.

"Need me?" He typed.

I smile.

"Not yet." I reply quickly.

I check the time.

It's 5 am.

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