Twenty-One // Happy And Shit

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I open my eyes and see a blurry Caroline sleeping peacefully next to me, a soft snore escaping from her slightly parted mouth.

I smile to myself as I realize what I have.


Right here, next to me.

I can't even believe I ever let her get away.

Slowly, I snake my arm out from under her and hop around trying to get dressed.

She flips over and pulls the covers tighter over her face.

I slip out of the room quietly and look around the new suite.


I walk to the kitchen and see Ashton and Casey sitting at the table.

"Oh, look- Calum is alive. I was starting to worry, mate. You never came out of your room. Thank god the walls are soundproof-"

"Shut up, Ashton." I grumble.

Casey giggles.

"So, Caroline tells me everything." She says.

I whip my head around.

"Like what?"

She shrugs.

"I dunno. Just stuff."

"Piss off, Casey. You're just fucking with me."

(a/n: do aussies even say "piss off" idk)

"What time is it?" Mikey walks into the kitchen.

"Who knows?" Casey shrugs.

"Casey!" Luke yells and slides into the kitchen.

"Shut up! Caroline is sleeping." I say as I smack his shoulder.

"But the walls are soundproof." Luke says.

Michael nudges me.

"Yeah, mate. You should know." He smirks.

I groan and walks back into my room.

Caroline is sitting up.

"Oh, hi." I smile.

She tucks a strand of hair behind her ear and smiles.


Why is this so awkward?

I'm never awkward the morning after with a girl.

But she's not just a girl.

She's Caroline- my girlfriend.

So, this is slightly weird and new.

I've never had a girlfriend before.

Shit, I've been thinking too long.

She's staring.

I rub a hand over my face.

"Uh, how did you sleep?" I ask.

She shrugs.

"Okay. You?"

I nod.

"Great, great. Um, I think I'll go get breakfast again- unless you want me to stay."

"I'm fine."

"Cool, cool. So, uh, I'm gonna go. Call me if you need something."


I give her an awkward wave and slip out again.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

"Bro, my game is so off." I tell Ashton as I grab my wallet off the counter.

"You're in a relationship, Calum. You don't need 'game'." Casey butts in.

I love her, but she needs to shut up.

"Stop putting in your womanly input and let me be a man, damn it. Would any of you like some fucking breakfast?"


I'm sitting in the hospital waiting room while Caroline is squeezing the life out of my hand.

"Babe, I can't feel my fingers." I whisper.

"Sorry." She releases me and grabs her knees.

I study her finger nails as they dig into her skin.

I take her hand again.

"Okay, I can deal with it."

She forces a small smile and keeps shaking her knees, her grip on my hand loose.

Aaliyah comes out of the elevator, and Caroline shoots up.

"Well?" She asks.

Aaliyah sighs.

"She's going into surgery tomorrow. They're gonna see if they can remove the tumor. If not, she'll just have to be treated periodically. Caro, what if she doesn't-"

"She's going to make it, Ali. She's our little angel, okay?" They hug for a while.

When they release each other, Caroline grabs my hand again.

"She wants to see you two. She's been begging." Aaliyah says.

We follow her into the elevator and up to Tatiana's room.

She's eating chocolate pudding and watching cartoons.

Her eyes light up when she sees Caroline.

She starts squirming in the bed.

Caroline hugs her and asks how she's doing.

To which Tatiana responds, "The tide is high, but I'm holding on."

And we all laugh.

I see so much of Caroline in her, it's shocking.

Caroline decides it's time for her to go home.

I might be very upset.

Except she kisses my nose before she goes inside which makes me happy and shit.

God, I love this girl.

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