Seven // His

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I'm sitting on my couch next to Calum, as he plays with my hair.

"Caroline." He says.

"Hm?" I respond.

"You should know something."

I sit up.

"What is it?" I ask worriedly.

"Well, it's just- management doesn't allow us to date fans. It causes too much drama."


"Okay..." I respond.

"So, wherever this goes, we can't really be together without people getting crazy. And I don't think you want that."

Don't be sappy, don't be sappy.

"Oh, right." I say quietly.

He rubs my cheek.

"But I still like hanging out with you a lot. So, we're friends." He sounds disappointed.

"That kind of sucks." I admit.

He chuckles a little.

"Well, we're friends in public. And it's only temporary."




"We're friends in public."

Holy shit.

I look up into his big brown eyes.

He bites his lip and smiles at me.

"Friends in public?" I ask softly.

He nods.

Fuck it.

I grab the back of his neck and pull his face down to me.

He kisses my forehead and flips around so he's hovering over me.

This boy must do some serious push-ups.

I mean, those arms, just- wow.

Okay, back to his face.

I look all over, waiting for him to do something, to say something.

"You have great eyebrows." He says.

"The best."

"Yeah." He mumbles.

I keep staring at him, but his eyes never meet mine. They're all over my face and my body.

When they finally interlock, I know it's time.

His lips come crashing down onto mine and it's nothing like I thought it would feel.

This kiss is spine tingling, making me want to jump out of my skin, wake you up in the morning, cure a bad day kind of kiss.

And I don't think I'll ever get enough.

Which is why I'm upset when he pulls away.

He's panting and smiling.

I laugh a little.

"Been waiting for that for a while." He mumbles.

My face gets hot.

He rotates so that now he's under me, with my chest to his, and our legs all tangled up.

Where he can still reach my hair, of course.

"So, Ashton told me a lot about you. But I want to know from you."

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