Twenty-Five // I Hope Not

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"Luke! Where's my drumsticks?!"
"On the couch, Ash!"
"Thanks- why the fuck are they broken?! Who sat on them?!"
"Michael, I'm going to fucking beat your ass!"
"Guys, calm down!"
"I'll buy you new ones, okay?"
"For fucks sake, can we please rehearse?! We're going on tour in a week. I know we're all in a fucking bad mood right now, but we have to get over this bullshit and focus on our careers, alright?"
Finally, I can breathe.
"Says the one who cried for two weeks because his girlfriend got over him too fast."
"Shut the fuck up, Mike. Let's play."
"Okay, Luke's just printed a setlist." Michael says.
I take it from him and sit on the couch.
"What I Like About You. Break. Eighteen. American Idiot. She Looks So Perfect. Beside You. Break. Disconnected. Out Of My Limit. Don't Stop. Break. Amnesia. Voodoo Doll. Mrs. All American. Kiss Me Kiss Me. Break. What Makes You Beautiful. Daylight. Good Girls. Everything I Didn't Say. Break. End Up Here. Heartbreak Girl. Never Be. Social Casualty." Ashton reads from behind me.
"What about an encore?" I ask.
Michael hands me another sheet.
"Some old stuff." He says.
"I've Got This Friend. Gotta Get Out. Break. Long Way Home." I read out loud.
"It's great." Ash nods.
"Perfect," I agree, "Now we've got a week to get it together. How's the setup coming along?" I ask Luke.
"The set is being shipped to New York right now. Should be in by Tuesday." He tells me.
"Sounds like everything's good. Uh, Cal. I wanna talk to you." Michael says.
I follow him into his room, and she shuts the door.
"I wanted to ask about Caroline." He says.
"I figured. What's up?" I sit on the bed.
"Well, Peggy talked to her a few days ago. She's gonna come to the show in New York."
My heart starts pumping.
At the sound of her name, I get chills.
Imaging her in my arms again may send me over.
"I, uh- cool. Sounds cool." I stutter.
"Mate, this is serious. Are you going to be okay with her around you?" He asks me.
"Honestly, Mike. I can't tell you whether I'll be okay or not. But at this point, being with her has got to be better than being without her. I fucking love her so much. I don't care how she feels about me."
Michael gives me a hug.
The first real hug I've had in a while.
"It'll work out, alright? There's no way she's over you already."
At least I hope not.

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