Fourteen // And I Do

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I tug on a short black dress an stand in front of Ronaldo.

"Good. Try these shoes." He hands me a pair of black wedges.

"I should just be a model." I laugh as I shove my feet into them.

"Hey, honey. You've got the figure."

I stop moving.

"What figure? I don't have a figure." I remind him.

He laughs.

"That's the point. Hurry up!"

I smooth down my dress and twirl around, letting the dress flow out.

He claps his hands together.

"Fantastic! Let's get going."


We arrive at Masu, one of the most expensive restaurants in the city.

I Google it to check the price range.

I won't even tell you.

We sit down with Cheryl and Pearl.

"So, Caroline. How's your little sexcapade?" Pearl asks.

I almost spit.

"You've got it all wrong, Pearl. We're just friends." I reassure him.

"It seems like you're dissatisfied. Talk to me, sweetheart." He grabs my hand.

"Well, we're just friends. But we used to be together- sort of. I guess we were messing around. But I have a lot of feelings for him. The worst part is, he can't date fans. So, now we're kind of stuck. Not to mention, he's basically a sex-crazed drunk."

"Well, honey. That's a lot to put up with."

"Caroline." Ronaldo nudges me.

I look over at his phone and see a picture of Calum and some blonde bimbo.

I think I'm going to be sick.

I excuse myself and run outside to catch a cab back to the hotel.


I'm so close to my apartment.

I can see it.

The Uber stops, and I basically throw my luggage out of the backseat.

After struggling for a while, I manage to get a grip on my two suitcases and run into the lobby.

I finally make it up to the third floor and unlock my door.

Cal and Peggy are sitting on the couch.

"Welcome home!" Peggy yells and runs to hug me.

Cal hugs me afterward and kisses my cheek.

Oh sweet baby Jesus.

"So, tell us everything!" Peggy says.

And I do.

After I'm done, Cal stands up.

Of course he's leaving.

"I hate to run..."


"But I have to go set up for our show tomorrow. I can get you guys backstage." He suggests.

"Actually, we bought our tickets this summer. We're in the first row anyway." I say.

He smiles.

"Alright, see you girls tomorrow night."

And he's gone.

I sigh.

"Now, tell me how you really feel."

And I do.

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