Three // Oh, Calum

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Today is my jogging day.

Just kidding, I only jog like once every few months.

Today is one of those rare days.

I leave a note on the counter for Peggy and head outside.

I make about 7 blocks down and check the time.

It's 11:30.

I jog one more block to my favorite cafe, McGuff's.

I walk inside and hear my favorite song ever: Beside You.

I text Ashton.

"Your song is playing in McGuffs(:" I send.

He starts typing right away.

"Which one love?"

"Beside you. My fave"

"Yes!! Mine too. Coming over later?"

"Maybe so. I'm off for a jog"

I order a sandwich and a water and sit down.

A group of young girls walk in and start pointing at me.

This is strange.

One of them walks up and asks for a picture.

"You must have me confused with someone else." I laugh.

"Aren't you Caroline?" She asks me.

I nod.

"You're friends with Ashton! I saw you two the other day at Westgate."

I smile.

"You want a picture with me? I'm just a friend." I say.

She nods.

I get up and take pictures with her and her friends.

"Thank you!" They say and go to order.

I finish my sandwich and continue my jog.

Peggy calls me.

"Hello?" I answer.

"There's someone here for you." She says quietly.


"Calum freaking Hood."

My heart starts pounding.

"I'm jogging this morning!"

"Get your sweaty self home because- uh, because Mr. Hood would like to speak with you." Her tone of voice changes.

I laugh and hang up.

Time to pick up the pace, Caroline.


I walk into my apartment probably looking like a mess.

Calum turns around from his spot on the couch and stands up quickly.

"Hi." He says.

I breathe.

"Hi." I respond.

"I wanted to bring you to our place. Ash told me to come get you."



"Uh, I need to shower and stuff. I might be a while." I tell him nervously.

He shrugs.

"I have to go pick up lunch. I'll be back, alright?" He asks.

I nod.

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