Last One- Scenes 11 and 12

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*Scene 11*

Joe and Ethan were at Joe's house after what happened with Demi.

Ethan: you good mate

Joe: yeah just pissed at Demi

Ethan: oh well now you don't have to be because you're not

Joe cuts Ethan off

Joe: (cutting in) don't remind me

Ethan: k i thought it would've helped to talk about it. That's what Adele and Demi do.

Joe: I don't care what she does anymore. She hates me. And we're not even together now just because of her stupid hair.

Ethan: that might be the reason why she broke up with you as you don't care what she does and what she did when you guys were together

Joe: whose side are you on

Ethan: yours but i'm just saying she had a good reason to break up with you

Joe: i said i didn't want to talk about it. what the fuck mate you just got me to talk. you could be like a feeling guide

Ethan: do you mean a therapist/ councillor 

Joe: yeah that

Ethan sees Demi and Adele walking down the road that Joe's house is on

Ethan: Demi's outside

Joe: what

Ethan: or should I say going past 

Joe: we've got to go out there, she's got a bag something must've happened

both boys run outside

Joe: Demi(shouts)

Demi and Adele turn around

Demi: what Joe i don't want to talk to you right now

Joe: what happened? why've you got a bag? Are you ok?

Demi: no

Adele: her parents grounded her for 2 weeks or whatever 

Joe: why? because she shaved her head

Adele: yh

Joe: it'll be fine babe, i mean Demi

Demi: thanks

Joe: can we get back together i can't function without you

Demi: it's only been a few hours, and i need some space, sorry

Joe: just know that i love you 

Demi: same here, i still love you, we're gonna go now

Joe: ok see you Monday then, bye

Demi and Adele walk off to Adele's house

Ethan: well that was awkward

Joe: yep, hopefully she forgives me and we get back together

Ethan: i knew you cared about her deep down

Joe: yeah i do

*Scene 12*


Adele and Demi were in school and met up with their friend Kayla 

Kayla: hey guys

Adele: hey, how was your weekend

Kayla: good, yours

Adele: ok

Demi: shit

Kayla: how come

Demi: relationship, parents and shit

Kayla: oh, are you and Joe ok

Demi: we broke up

Kayla: nooo! why! what excuse did he give you

Demi: i broke up with him because he didn't like me for me and didn't care anymore

Kayla: why? did you do something bad

Adele: i wouldn't say bad just shocking and epic

Kayla: what's with the hood

Demi: i got a haircut that Joe didn't want me to get and he didn't like

Kayla: oo let me see

Adele: be prepared it's a shock

Kayla: ok 

Demi: and there's not much of it left

Kayla: ok ok just show me already

Demi: fine

Demi took off her hood and her hat to reveal her shaved head

Kayla: wait what, OMG, can i touch it

Demi: yeah (laughs) 

Kayla: woah, it looks well good

Demi: thanks, i'm keeping my hood and hat on though

Kayla: yeah that's understandable

bell rings

Demi: oh shit we got maths

Adele: and Jesse and Lacey are in that class

Demi: oh fuck them 


Maths teacher: Demi, can you take your hood down please 

Demi: do i have to, it's cold

Maths teacher: now or you'll get detention

Demi: ugh fine

slowly Demi took her hood down to reveal her shaved head to everyone in her class this time not just her friends

Maths teacher: thank you

Lacey: nice hair, bitch (sniggers)

Jesse: hi badly

Lacey: who gave you that haircut bitch, a lawnmower

Demi: who gave you those eyebrows, a 2 year old

Lacey: ugh excuse you, i look much better than you

Demi: at least i'm not fake unlike you

Lacey: ugh fuck you

Demi: oh shove off, go die in a hole

Lacey: (acts offended but shuts up)

Bell rings-end of maths class

Demi: well I'm out in the open now

Adele: yep

Kayla: you're so inspiring

Demi: thanks

Kayla: so what went down on Saturday which lead you to shaving your head

Adele: ok so, her and Joe had an argument, she got mad and shaved her head ,err, he came running after, they had another big fight and then she broke up with him

Kayla: jeez

Demi: yeah that was my reaction and that happened to me (laughs)

All laugh then bell rings, Kayla gets on the bus and demi and Adele start to walk to Adele's house

Joe: hey demi, you good, I heard what they were saying about you

Demi: yeah I'm fine, they're bitches anyway

Joe: I agree, are you and Adele going to the café later

Demi: yeah for a bit because we have to get back, why

Joe: I wanna talk but I'll be honest and not get angry this time, ok

Demi: ok

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