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The Girl With A Dream | ✔  by OneIndianWriter
The Girl With A Dream | ✔ by Mitali
【E D I T I N G】 ❝ Never let go off your DREAM ❞ "The Girl With A Dream" is a book about Anika and Nirav. It is a simple story of two ambitious youngsters who...
  • romance
  • harvard
  • marriage
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𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓪 💜 by OfficialDelo
𝓑𝓪𝓫𝔂 𝓜𝓪𝓶𝓪 💜by S3nsi 💕
THIS STORY CONTAINS SEX & MATURE CONTENT! Main Characters: Winter, Quincy, Ja'Kobe, & Malaysia 👥 Winter was 16 years old when she lost her virginity, but Thin...
  • drugs
  • thug
  • babymama
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They Call Me lil Ghetto  by LashaHenderson
They Call Me lil Ghetto by Lasha Henderson
From having a brother that barley gives a fuck about you. To mama loving dope more then she loves her kids. A daddy that wish we ain't have the same blood running throug...
  • crime
  • hustle
  • drugaddiction
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Bad Taste by -thebeast-
Bad Tasteby マルス・ビースト™
A new change will happen, because I want a little bit of that bad taste _____________________________________ Ever Wanted To Drop The Good Girl Act? Ever Wanted Somethin...
  • 2015wattyawards
  • badboy
  • richboy
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Ea$t to W3st 🐍 by pinkdollzone
Ea$t to W3st 🐍by princess. 🤪
Dariah-Imani Brown was a regular harlem girl who was sent to live with her brother in LA who she never knew about but when she arrived, there were many things she would...
  • newyork
  • urbanfiction
  • urbanfantasy
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It's Never Just a Normal Year, Is It? by Umbra_Ignis98
It's Never Just a Normal Year, Umbra Ignis
The Golden Three and the rest of their year has been invited back to Hogwarts to redo the year they missed due to the interrupting war. Harry still totally smitten with...
  • 7thyear
  • lifechanging
  • blaisezabini
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Records of Mercy||✔️ by bremcfarland
Records of Mercy||✔️by Bre
[Completed: January 9th, 2018] Fifteen, almost sixteen, year old, Marlee Stoklosa, never imagined that the day her best friend died would come so soon. Mercy is dead an...
  • lifechanging
  • teenfiction
  • relationships
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Fighter -> S. Stilinski {1} by XxNeonHeartxX
Fighter -> S. Stilinski {1}by Justice G.
Season 1 Zoey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall who has been a werewolf since she was ten and now being sixteen and finding out her brother was bit by a new alph...
  • lydiamartin
  • whittemore
  • allisonargent
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The suicide walk.  by JordanCatlett
The suicide walk. by Jordan M. Catlett
This is a short story. WARNING: Before you read, this is not a true story. If you know of someone with suicidal thoughts tell someone and get them help. They may not a...
  • rylan
  • hurt
  • death
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Park Bench by Solis2303
Park Benchby Solis2303
A short story about a simple man and his observations from a park bench that lead him straight into the middle of events that will change his life. Photo, "Central...
  • lifechanging
  • peacefully
RIDDLES by shienamaeeco
RIDDLESby Shiena Mae Eco
Example of Riddles What 8 letter word can have a letter taken away and it still makes a word. Take another letter away and it still makes a word. Keep on doing that unt...
  • lifechanging
  • riddles
  • love
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Emancipation by ErykahhGonson
Emancipationby Ericka Johnson
About a girl who lost her favorite human ( her father) as a little girl (8yrs) who grew up living a middle class life with her abusive mother. Survived the ugly of the w...
  • newlife
  • dreams
  • lies
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A COMPLETE JERK ✔ by zareesha09
A COMPLETE JERK ✔by zareesha09
NOTE: Hey guys! this is my first ever story ......i'm so excited .There might be some grammatical mistakes in the story so , sorry for that from before only. I hope you...
  • emmotional
  • teenfiction
  • complete
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Distance by Krazykookie5
Distanceby Krazykookie
Where a lonely teenage girl gets a call from a wrong number only for them to become the best of friends. But will her internet best friend finally find her and keep the...
  • shortstory
  • lifechanging
  • distance
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Match made in hell  by carolinefelicita
Match made in hell by carolinefelicita
"What is love? Still I can't able to find the answer (smirk) or may be I didn't try to find the answer. Why? If your heart is once given there is no other chance to...
  • reality
  • lifechanging
  • love
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Evening Walks by clickmouse
Evening Walksby clickmouse
All my thoughts and other stuff that I think of while talking to myself in the evening. Yup, that's how I relax. I'm not kidding, try it and you'll know how magical it i...
  • feelings
  • lifechanging
  • life
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My life  by landre2004
My life by Andre
How my life has changed in secondary school 😫
  • friends
  • lifechanging
  • lifesucks
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The Halloween Wedding by Dalenwolcott
The Halloween Weddingby Dalen J. Potter
Hey this is a creepy pasta Halloween spe
  • lifechanging
  • romance
Life Hacks by CC19BackUp
Life Hacksby CC19BackUp
Small or large, all of us have had problems in our lives that we wish we had quick fixes for. Maybe you found this on a whim while searching the vast Wattpad realm, or m...
  • tumblr
  • lifelessons
  • lifehacks
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poems: stay strong , defeat depression by 02emily28
poems: stay strong , defeat 02emily28
poems about depression but how to overcome it. to stay positive. How depression can lead to learn there is bigger and better things in life. Your life matter.
  • suicidal
  • defeatdepression
  • suicidalthoughts
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