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A Ready-Made Family by Megzcat
A Ready-Made Familyby Perfect Imperfection
Madison Sweeney was well prepared to spend her life alone with her three children after her hateful relationship came to a crashing end. She never expected finding a str...
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HOPE  by rizwayne034
In this very modern world there is a boy named liam he is just like everyone one of us who has a brief idea of the world which kind of bores him a lot he is just a norma...
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It's Never Just a Normal Year, Is It? by Umbra_Ignis98
It's Never Just a Normal Year, Umbra Ignis
The Golden Three and the rest of their year has been invited back to Hogwarts to redo the year they missed due to the interrupting war. Harry still totally smitten with...
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Fighter -> S. Stilinski {1} by XxNeonHeartxX
Fighter -> S. Stilinski {1}by Justice G.
Season 1 Zoey McCall is the twin sister of Scott McCall who has been a werewolf since she was ten and now being sixteen and finding out her brother was bit by a new alph...
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Short Inspirational Stories by joodbinsabt
Short Inspirational Storiesby jood
I DO NOT TAKE CREDIT FOR THESE STORIES. These are just a few adorable stories that I have read online and would like to share with you. Each chapter is a different short...
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I Loved You Blindly [Complete] by Water_Lili
I Loved You Blindly [Complete]by Sally H
Ranked: 2019 #1 in uplifting Sep & Dec #1 in heart-warming Oct 2020 #1 in uplifting #1 in heart-warming Jan #2 in lifechanging Jan #2 in finding Jan Accidents happen. ...
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The Phoenix Enchanter by savs96
The Phoenix Enchanterby Savanna Van Dyk
A world of normals and enchanted. Whether Human or Witch, Elf or Gnome, Fae and Trolls, the kingdom promises peace and harmony, but even after generations perfect peace...
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Our little surprise -teen parent story- by Madison__Marie
Our little surprise -teen parent MadisonMarie
For Ella and Xavier life has been pretty simple. They have been dating for the last four years and are set on getting married, they both live in pretty nice houses, with...
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Fuck Off (COMPLETE) by FutureMrsPayyne
Fuck Off (COMPLETE)by Queen Werewolf
Amber is a 17 year old girl that is beautiful. She is curvy in all the right places and has long straight brown hair. She is someone you don't wanna mess with. She is fi...
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/ Artist Of Life / by demeter_xx
/ Artist Of Life /by -FLOWER GIRL🌺🌸
"If the story of your life was written in a book, would you read it?" You have been asked this question at least one time. Well, so has Perlina. And in fact...
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My Gang Leader  by alicialashaye
My Gang Leader by AliciaLashaye
Laura was a small child when her grandparents took her from her unfit mother. She was abused as a child physically and emotionally by her mothers boyfriend. She runs int...
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Trapped In The Mating Games by dreamcatcher2390
Trapped In The Mating Gamesby dreamcatcher2390
She was a soon to be 18 year old who didn't want a mate. The thought of being tied town for the rest of her live was something Veronica didn't want. So when the annual m...
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𝔗𝔬 𝔅𝔢 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔡 𝔉𝔬𝔯 by Xxbittersweet_RoseXx
𝔗𝔬 𝔅𝔢 ℭ𝔞𝔯𝔢𝔡 𝔉𝔬𝔯by Bittersweet_tragedy
Ethan believes that he means nothing to Mark, he's so entirely sure of that fact that he's convinced himself of it. Mark will only ever be his manager, probably doesn't...
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They Call Me lil Ghetto  by LashaHenderson
They Call Me lil Ghetto by Lasha Henderson
From having a brother that barley gives a fuck about you. To mama loving dope more then she loves her kids. A daddy that wish we ain't have the same blood running throug...
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Ea$t to W3st 🐍 by pinkdollzone
Ea$t to W3st 🐍by princess. 🤪
Dariah-Imani Brown was a regular harlem girl who was sent to live with her brother in LA who she never knew about but when she arrived, there were many things she would...
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Falling for the bad girl by highOnBooks_
Falling for the bad girlby ⛈
When two opposite worlds collide, the outcome is never simple. Especially not with Bella and Vanessa. All her life, Bella she was always a good girl. What happened? Why...
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BRAT TAMING ♣︎ VKOOK by cute_seokjinnie
BRAT TAMING ♣︎ VKOOKby ⋆୨୧˚ ᴄᴜᴛɪᴇ ˚୨୧⋆
" I can buy anything I want! " " Apparently not a nice attitude though. " - Kim Taehyung's your typical rich, pretty boy, spoiled brat. He had and c...
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The other side | OBX  by blurrvision
The other side | OBX by blurrvision
In which a kook and a pogue need to sort out their feelings in the midst of a treasure hunt JJ x OC Outer banks season [1-?]
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My Prayer Book  by MrsSkylerTailia
My Prayer Book by De La Cruz
The 12 Archangels of heaven and what they stand for, also their pray for each Archangels . A collection of different pray for you , for every different occasions and si...
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Hidden Heroes  by pearl_of_faith
Hidden Heroes by Saradactayl
"Wait, so you don't have a superpower? How'd you even get into the school?" I coughed nervously. "I recommend myself." "That's so sad. A hero wi...
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