They Call Me lil Ghetto  by LashaHenderson
They Call Me lil Ghetto by Lasha Henderson
From having a brother that barley gives a fuck about you. To mama loving dope more then she loves her kids. A daddy that wish we ain't have the same blood running throug...
  • teendrama
  • teen
  • urbanfiction
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Silently Destroyed by princess29_
Silently Destroyedby princess29_
Read & find out 🤫
  • struggle
  • lifechanging
  • change
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A Ready-Made Family by Megzcat
A Ready-Made Familyby Perfect Imperfection
Madison Sweeney was well prepared to spend her life alone with her three children after her hateful relationship came to a crashing end. She never expected finding a str...
  • pregnancy
  • lovestory
  • comedy
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No Regrets by booknerdian
No Regretsby L.J Grace
Sometimes little ends that were left untied have a way of coming back and changing all your plans. I got my ex-girlfriend pregnant, now she's gone and I'm stuck with a b...
  • secrets
  • findingstrength
  • siblings
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The Girl With A Dream | ✔ (Editing) by OneIndianWriter
The Girl With A Dream | ✔ (Editing)by Mitali
【E D I T I N G】 ❝ Never let go off your DREAM ❞ "The Girl With A Dream" is a book about Anika and Nirav. It is a simple story of two ambitious youngsters who...
  • romance
  • generalfiction
  • love
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It's Never Just a Normal Year, Is It? by Umbra_Ignis98
It's Never Just a Normal Year, Umbra Ignis
The Golden Three and the rest of their year has been invited back to Hogwarts to redo the year they missed due to the interrupting war. Harry still totally smitten with...
  • blaisezabini
  • afterthewar
  • lordvoldemort
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The Prophecy. by EmberBentley
The Ember Bentley
When the moon goddess created the werewolves species, she thought about her heir. Who would be strong enough? Who would be brave enough? But mostly, who has the heart? ...
  • unexpected
  • alpha
  • rejection
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One Life[COMPLETED]  by MassielMalik
One Life[COMPLETED] by Massiel
"Your voice is very nice." She blushed looking down. "But you don't speak. Why?" She bit her lip looking up at me. "Grey." I looked at he...
  • school
  • fiction
  • freedom
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The Mafia Girl Goes Undercover by deep_side_love
The Mafia Girl Goes Undercoverby deep_side_love
Sarah without the surname is an eighteen year old criminal. Sarah has grown up with everything that has with fighting and crime to do. However, what happens when she's o...
  • tears
  • gangs
  • journey
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CALPURNIA✨||Finn . W x Reader by wolfheartscherries
CALPURNIA✨||Finn . W x Readerby pride band
-Thanks for coming to my Brooklyn show!! Now I need to give a shout out to one specific person. Y/N please raise your hand hit and proud so I can see you- Finn yelled
  • calpurnia
  • sonora
  • finn
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The Prince and Me(COMPLETED) by Brat_fairy033
The Prince and Me(COMPLETED)by Cheryl Padios Villarma
Romance Edward John Barber Anak mayaman Gwapo,matalino, isang kilalang heart breaker, At nag iisang anak ng kilalang business tycoon sa bansa.. Marydale Entrata maaga m...
  • loveconquersall
  • lifechange
  • romance
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A Fazbear's Randomness by AbbeyFazbear
A Fazbear's Randomnessby Fredbear's Cub
Welcome to my randomness book. You like random? Are you as random as me? Well, here is where anything can be totally random. If you don't like random, then back off. Wai...
  • random
  • randomness
  • randomthoughts
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Rejected by a jerk by flawless_bey
Rejected by a jerkby flawless_bey
originally called rejected but don't care what happens when ski gets rejected by her alpha mate Blake. read to fine out
  • rejection
  • werewolf
  • romance
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Coffee Shop Love (Camren) by butterflymania2207
Coffee Shop Love (Camren)by butterflymania2207
Love is found in all places
  • coffee
  • camren
  • love
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The Girls of Maiden Lane by k8lynwrites
The Girls of Maiden Laneby Katelyn
Piper Turner is a small-town New Jersey girl turned Manhattan literary agent. After meeting her two best friends at NYU, the three young women realize that they all have...
  • literaryagent
  • wattys2018
  • read
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Fuck Off (Editing) by FutureMrsPayyne
Fuck Off (Editing)by Mrs. Fucking Winchester
Amber is a 17 year old girl that is beautiful. She is curvy in all the right places and has long straight brown hair. She is someone you don't wanna mess with. She is fi...
  • lifestyle
  • alreadytaken
  • soulmate
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Treasure Me || Carbi B & Offset by creativelymehhh
Treasure Me || Carbi B & Offsetby young tupac ♥
SEQUEL IS OUT ! TREASURE US BOOK 1 Kali Britula was a hard working, independent women taking care of her two year old son. Tremaine Jones was a thug with no heart. Th...
  • druglord
  • pleasevoteandcomment
  • pregnancy
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Little Liars by lunargemini
Little Liarsby Lunar Gemini
My name is Marcy. I'll be nineteen in October. I smoke. I have sex. I do not have boyfriends. I'm also a compulsive liar. You decide what you think is true.
  • changes
  • liar
  • sexual
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Not The Sleeping Beauty [18+] by karinberry
Not The Sleeping Beauty [18+]by Karin Berry
[Previously known as LOVE WILL MAKE IT ALRIGHT] [Start date (edited): 24 April 2018] #WPAfterdark #freementalillness #BreakStereotypes **********************************...
  • freementalillness
  • wattys2018
  • mystery
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My Ninja by Nashi_Drag
My Ninjaby Nashi_Drag
YEAH YA! I am back with another book. For those of you who are new here, hi! Also the only fairy tail reference is Natsu's scarf and his hair color. Okay anyway I'm wast...
  • action
  • citrus
  • sword
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