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Tempted by Zebooker1
Temptedby Taylor Elizabeth
Chloe's Dad is going away for month and leaving her in the very capable hands of a work colleague who is just down on his luck at the moment....Oh, and he's gorgeous! &q...
  • badboy
  • olderguy
  • fiction
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On The Verge Of It  by Toxic_Mg
On The Verge Of It by Bhavna Verma
#23 in ChickLit #91 in romance "You used to hate me." He said. "Hate? How could I even think about hating the very person I loved?" She said...
  • action
  • memory
  • dramtic
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Southside (Jughead Jones) by WinterAmerica_2000
Southside (Jughead Jones)by WinterAmerica_2000
Zaniyah Wright, sister of Southside serpent Sweet Pea, best friends with Archie Andrews and Jughead Jones. Zaniyah had spent her entire life on the rough side of town. A...
  • fangfogarty
  • archie
  • tonitopaz
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Bad Reputation by krustybirlem
Bad Reputationby yee haw 🤠
(Warning: beginning is very very cringe because it's my first book and I was just getting the hang of it but please stick with it I promise it gets better) From the begi...
  • choey
  • josephmathewbirlem
  • teendrama
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Pregnant with Niall's Baby Boy by Shaggy_Tumbler
Pregnant with Niall's Baby Boyby $haggy Tumbler
April Greens is a normal 18 year old girl. She loves movies and having fun.The only difference between a 18 year old and April is that she's going to be a mom. To make...
  • teenfiction
  • teenlife
  • niallhoran
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Unexpectedly In Love  by Gema15writes
Unexpectedly In Love by Gema Ramírez
Mariana is a rebel who prefers to break the rules instead of following them. She doesn't need a guy in her life to complete her like most girls her age. She prefers to b...
  • teenfiction
  • teenromance
  • badboy
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Stuck In An All Boys Camp by DeanaForever
Stuck In An All Boys Campby DeanaForever
I, Skylar was accidentally sent to a Hot Boys Camp I mean ALL BOYS CAMP . At first I hated it but then I met the boys in my Cabin. They were the sexiest and attractive...
  • wattys2017
  • cute
  • teendrama
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US, WE & THEM by christianunto
US, WE & THEMby Christian Unto
A story about those years spent in high school. The ups, the lows, and memories that you cherish. Susan, Nate, Mahashi and Sam will discover themselves in their quest fo...
  • love
  • fiction
  • teenageyears
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The Ghost Witness by floresleaconcepcionb
The Ghost Witnessby floresleaconcepcionb
The murderer of Angelo's father remains unknown and while he desperately hankers to chase down the executioner he finds himself the strangest Crime- Solving Tactic to re...
  • supernatural
  • fiction
  • love
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TUTAMEN by oyiindaa
TUTAMENby Oyinda R. Adeoti
Tutamen is a fictitious post-war city in 3044. it seems to be the only city in the universe. This city super advanced in science and technology and almost everything is...
  • sciencefiction
  • teendrama
A game for two by freckledlights
A game for twoby ~becca~
"What kind of game was this? A fucked up game where people die over nothing." Copyright © of 2017 All rights reserved to: freckledlights and quintuple_x -24/1...
  • romance
  • americanhorrorstory
  • exciting
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A heck of a year by dulceandyomama
A heck of a yearby dulceandyomama
Rebecca goes through a rough year with her friend ditching her and the new boys in towns Causing a ruckus in her life
  • glowup
  • teendrama
The ODD one out by asawidolan
The ODD one outby asawidolan
This is a story about a girl whose dad dies and lives with her mom. Her name is angel and is 15 years old and is forced to move to L.A. because of her mom's interview to...
  • teendrama
  • teenromance
The S.P.E.L.L Group: The Glass Rose by emeraldknight88
The S.P.E.L.L Group: The Glass Roseby M&M
Catherine Stewart and her four male companions, who each have a crush on her, are all the subjects of bullying in their lives. One day a fight breaks out, causing Cather...
  • romance
  • drama
  • fantasy
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New Life by tayshaunsmith
New Lifeby Tayshaun Smith
Tiffany Green was a normal girl. She lives with her mom in Sandville, Florida. One day, her mom gets a phone call saying that her dad wanted custody of Tiffany. Now, she...
  • teens
  • mom
  • newlife
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Better Without You by ImmortalSage64
Better Without Youby ImmortalSage64
This story is about a girl named Anna telling you about one of her ex's and how she got threw it all
  • fiction
  • shortstory
  • teen
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My Life ( How I see it) by nic470
My Life ( How I see it)by Nic470
Semi-True story of my life names have been changed
  • desprate
  • highschool
  • teendrama
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#BFF by JayAndTayLameStories
#BFFby Jada and Tiffany
A story about Love, Betrayal, and Secrets.
  • dylanmcalister
  • fiction
  • teen
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