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My Wattpad Love

Chapter 30

"Wow, he surely has a fine place," I heard Laura say as we all stood in front of Evan's house. I couldn't agree more with her. We were facing a big two story house with dark blue walls, white Victorian windows and a big front garden.

"Come on," Evan said walking past us. I stared at his back, swallowing hard. I couldn't believe I was about to go in his house. I mean, he was the guy I met on Wattpad. I never expected him to live thirty minutes away from my town, or to have these immense feelings towards him. When we were in the car, the tension had been absolutely unbearable. It was a good thing he lived ten minutes away from the river, otherwise I wasn't sure I could have survived.

"Jules?" Lau waved her hand in front of my face "come on, move. It's freezing out here." she gave me a little push.

We followed Evan through a path with small trees and flowers at both sides. I was embracing myself, rubbing up my arms with my hands. It was already getting dark, and Lau was right, it was pretty cold here. Evan opened his front door and held it opened for us. I was the last one to cross the door. He stared at me intensely as I passed him. We stepped inside the hall, and immediately I felt the warmth receiving my cold body. I wondered if this was his parents' house, but I knew I couldn't ask him that, at least not in front of Lau and Jordan.

Evan led us towards the living room. There were three huge brown couches, two lamps, wooden framed paintings and a small fireplace. A curved wood-made staircase was placed to our left. The entire place shouted warmth and comfort.

"Nice place, man," Jordan complimented checking our surroundings.

"Thanks," Evan mumbled shyly. We all stood there not knowing what to do.

Awkward much?

But of course, I had to be the one to break the uncomfortable silence. How? Sneezing.

"Oh, you're probably all freezing," Evan realized, noticing our wet outfits "There's a bathroom down the hall," he pointed to our right.

"Jordan will take that one," Lau said pushing her boyfriend.

"No, babe, you go first," Jordan stated like a gentleman.

"You go, I'm sure there's another bathroom here, right Evan?" Lau smiled at Evan. What was she planning? I squinted at her.

"Yeah, there's actually two more upstairs," Evan replied hesitantly "One is in the hall and the other one is my room," Lau grinned like a Cheshire cat.

"I'll take the one in the hall if you don't mind," Evan opened his mouth to say something "Thanks," she glanced at me with a smirk "You can use his bathroom, Jules." she winked at me and ran upstairs leaving us alone. I was so embarrassed. Lau made choices as if this was her house.

"I'm sorry, she's a bit... bold sometimes," I apologized, gazing at the wooden floor "I can wait for her or Jordan to finish... you don't have to let me use your bathroom, I-" Evan's warm fingers held my chin, forcing me to look up at him. Our eyes met making my heart beat quicker.

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