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Chapter 31

"Stop it!" I screamed out of breath, tears of laughter were rolling down the sides of my face.

"Say it!" Evan ordered tickling my sides mercilessly. Playful evilness plastered on his handsome face. 

"Please!" I was breathless. My stomach hurt from laughing so much. Evan was on top of me, straddling me. We came back to his room when it got too cold out in the dock.

"Say it!" he repeated, his fingers moving faster on my sides. 

"I can't-" I choked in my own words. The sensation was bittersweet. I was laughing but my stomach was hurting and my lungs protesting from the lack of air. I couldn't keep this for long but I so didn't want to give up. 

"I can go on forever, just say the words," Evan grinned wickedly. 

"Never!" I shouted dramatically, pushing his chest. He didn't even budge. I wriggled beneath him like a wild anaconda but he simply chuckled as he continued to tickle me to death.

"Say the words," he sang playfully. 

I was going to die of laughter, literally. However, dying with Evan on top of me didn't seem so bad to me. Evan intensified his tickling attack. I reached a point of laughter when no sound came out of my mouth and I knew I had to surrender if I didn't want to die for real.

"Fine! I'll say it!" I gave in. He stopped tickling me to stare down at me expectantly. His dark eyes filled with amusement. I had a hard time catching my breath. My chest was rising and falling quickly.  

"I'm all ears," he said victoriously. Moonlight streamed through the window brushing his handsome features. 

"You..." Arg! I hated losing. I definitely hadn't thought this through when I'd started a tickling war. 


"You are sexy poet," I muttered reluctantly. Evan's grin grew wide. 

"And?" he pressed. God, he was enjoying this way too much. 

"I am..." I looked away from him blushing. He held my chin forcing me to look back at him.

"Don't look away from me. I want to see you when you say it," he commanded leaning down to me. My heart pounded fast inside my chest at his closeness. We were so close I could see how his dark pupils dilated slightly. His uneven breath brushed past my lips. His nose touched mine in a slow gentle caress "say it," his tone was soft but demanding.

"I am completely yours," I stated breathless and this time it wasn't because of laughter, it was because of my boyfriend's closeness.  He closed the space between us and kissed me. God, I loved the way his lips molded against mine so perfectly as if we were made for each other. the kiss was soft and slow but it still got my heart racing my chest. His hand stroke my cheek gently as our lips moved in sync. He tasted really good. I brought my hands to his face pulling him even closer to me. He sucked on my lower lip mildly, stealing a sigh from me. He took the opportunity to slide his tongue inside my mouth. The kiss became more urgent and passionate. I found myself tangling my fingers in his soft hair as his tongue explore my mouth. Our breaths were getting heavy, my entire body was tingling in places I didn't know they could. Evan shifted in his straddling position to lie on top of me. The sensation of his body pressed against mine was amazing. He continued kissing me fervently. His fingers traced down my cheek to my neck slowly. The contact sent waves of desire through me. I wanted his hand to go further down. Blame it on my hormones, but I was dying for his touch. 

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