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Chapter 09

I was writhing around my bed frustrated. I was trying to get some sleep. For the past hour, I'd been failing miserably. I couldn't get Evan's sexy voice out of my head.

What was wrong with me? He'd only said a few words, why was I already dying to hear his voice again? As soon as he'd hung up, I'd headed to my room to check my computer. He was offline in wattpad so I waited... I chatted with other friends from the site while I waited for him to come online but he never came. I had no choice but to sleep, it was school's night and it was past midnight. But of course, thanks to my unhealthy sleeping habits, I was lying on my back with my eyes wide opened.

Groaning in frustration, I sat up rubbing my face. My stomach roared loudly, I hadn't even tasted the so famous dinner Mom left for me in the microwave. I swung my feet out of bed and slowly got up. I made my way to the door wondering what Shane was doing. I had left him on the couch after throwing him some covers. I didn't like him but that didn't mean I was going to let him freeze to death in my living room.

I was crossing the hallway when I passed the bathroom's door. Instantly, an image of a naked Jason played in front of my eyes. God, was I ever going to be able to erase that from my memory? I wished my mind was like a computer, that I could delete all the awkward, unnecessary memories with a click. Fortunately, Jason had left as soon as he finished the shower. I guessed he wasn't ready to deal with the awkwardness of the situation. I mean, I saw him naked.

I went downstairs walking as slow as possible. I resembled a zombie during night. The lack of sleep was killing my brain cells in a slow but steady process. When I reached the living room, Shane was lying across the couch in front of the stairs. He was using his phone and listening to music. The TV was off so the entire place was semi-dark. Shane looked at me; an amused smile appeared on his face.

"If you're going to seduce me, you should try something better than a little mermaid pajama," he suggested and chuckled.

"Whatever," I stated entering the kitchen. I knew my pajamas were not sexy at all but hey, I was in my house. I could wear anything I wanted, he was the intruder not me. How the hell did that jerk end up staying over my house anyway? Oh yeah, I had a very gullible mother. She was the one to blame if I got killed tonight. Opening the microwave, I heard his footsteps from behind but ignored him.

"Are you looking for your broomstick, little witch?" I ignored him. Did he have fun telling me how ugly I look? Yeah, definitely yes  "Aww, Jones is not really chatty tonight, isn't she?"

"Ah, shut up already!" I exclaimed and my eyes widened when I saw the microwave was empty. What the... Immediately, I turned on my feet and pointed my finger accusingly to the tall guy sitting across the counter "You ate my dinner?" I asked knowing he was the only one in the house. I didn't need to be bright to know he was the culprit.

"Yeah, I thought you were going to eat that so," he shrugged his shoulders. 

"It was MY dinner! You are such a... Arg!" I slammed the microwave's little door closed. Shane looked surprised by my outburst.

"Calm down, little lion," What's up with him and using 'little' for every nickname he gave me? I knew he was significantly taller than me but he didn't need to remind me of it all day.
Opening the fridge angrily, I searched for something to eat. After seeing all the tasteless food my mother called 'healthy food' I slammed the fridge closed as well. I needed to calm down, it was not my electro domestics' fault there was a jerk in the house.

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