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Chapter 15

I was sitting on a bench at 3:06 am in the middle of the town's square. Shane was sitting next to me in silence. I was shivering from the cold; my hair was sticky and starchy. My clothes were damp. Vodka, strawberry juice and other unknown substances were enveloping my upper body. Shane wasn't looking very good either. A dark bruise was forming on his cheekbone; it was probably going to become a black eye very soon. His lower lip was swollen and had a small cut. His shirt was ripped off at some parts. 

I know what you're wondering...

How the hell did we end up like this?

What happened? 

Alright, I will enlighten you.

12 Hours ago...

"I'm so embarrassed," Laura said whilst chewing some French fries. It was lunch time "I mean, I can't remember a damn thing. There's this huge blank in my mind when I tried to remember that night," I gave her a sympathetic smile. It was Friday already, the week had rushed by uneventful. I'd talked to Evan everyday but he seemed so distant since last Sunday when I asked about where he lived. 

"Well, that's the power of alcohol, Lau. It can erase your memory," I said giving my hamburger a bite. 

"I'm not a drinker, you know that," she fork-pinched a slice of tomato from her salad "I just wanted to have fun that night and-"

"Drink a little but everything went down the drainage after the first drink," I finished for her. I heard the same statement many times this week. That was all she could talk about, I couldn't blame her though. I knew I would be doing the same-if not worse- if I was in her position. I knew she had to talk to Jordan sooner or later. It wasn't like she could avoid him forever, I mean, we attended to the same school and he lived down her street. But I could understand her fear. She was scared of what he could tell her, scared of confirming she'd lost something as special as her virginity in a drunken night. 

"Have he tried talking to you?" I asked and took a huge bite from my hamburger and got some French fries in my mouth until it was so filled my cheeks were inflated. It tasted so good, I moaned softly. Laura stared at me like I'd grown a third eye. I gave him a 'what' look. 

"I honestly don't know how you're so skinny. I mean, you eat like a pig," I narrowed my eyes at her whilst chewing my food "and to answer your question, if he's tried to talk to me I haven't noticed because I've been too busy avoiding him," I swallowed my food and opened my mouth to say something. 

"Julie!" A pitchy familiar female voice screamed from behind me. I lost my appetite and rolled my eyes. It was a good thing, she couldn't see my face. Reluctantly, I turned half of my body to look behind. There she came...

My torture...

The definition of hell on earth for me

Melissa. Shane's ultimately crush.

Remember my task list? Yeah, I had to make this girl fall for Shane within a week. I owed Shane big time since he'd saved me and Laura. However, I wasn't really succeeding; each time I mentioned Shane to her she would change the subject. It was like she didn't want to talk about him and I couldn't blame her. I forced a smile as she sat next to me placing her tray beside mine.

"Hey, I've been looking for you all day," she said smiling sweetly at me. Melissa was a sweet girl but she was taking this friendship too seriously. Don't get me wrong, it wasn't that I didn't like her. I just felt terrible for befriending her for such evil purposes like getting her in Shane's bed. I felt utterly disgusted with myself. Melissa seemed to be a nice girl. She didn't deserve to be used by someone like Jerkpid. 

"Yeah, I was starving so I practically ran over here," I lied giving her a closed mouth smile. Laura shook her head disapprovingly. 

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