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Chapter 07  

Fact: Shane was going to kill me.

Curious fact: My socks didn't match.

Sad fact: I was going to die a virgin.

I could spend all day stating the facts of my life or I could do something while Shane was approaching to me. I scanned my room searching for something useful to defend myself but after seeing teddy bears, pillows, small lamps, dirty clothes and thin paintings, I realized I had nothing. However, I had the element of surprise that was the only thing I had. I knew Shane was not expecting what I was about to do. He looked confident and I needed to take advantage of that. In a fast move, I turned on my feet and ran out of the room.

"Hey!" Shane screamed from behind but I was already going downstairs. Holding my t-shirt in one hand, I opened the front door with the other "Jones! Stop!" Shoot, he was close. Shane was taller and faster than me. my chances of escaping were as low as my IQ but I had to try.

I shivered feeling the cold breeze against my partly naked torso. I grimaced in pain while crossing the garden, the dead flowers had somehow become stiff and sharp. They were scratching my bare feet. Note to self: Water the damn flowers, they may kill me someday "Jones!" I glanced over my shoulder, Shane was sprinting towards me.

"You'll never get me alive!" I shouted as my feet met the cold road's pavement. Why did I have to live in a isolated house? I lived in the middle of nowhere. I had many fights with mom because I wanted to live in the town but of course, she preferred the 'calmness' of living in a lonely place. Calmness my ass! I was going to get killed and no one would even notice. I ran down the road, the icy wind brushing past my skin.

My lower lip quivered, God, I was cold. Where the hell was the sun when you need it? As in reply, a thunder echoed through the sky. Great, it was going to rain.

"Jones!" I didn't bother to look back. I was breathing heavily, my messy bun went loosed and soon enough my hair was flying backwards with the wind "Stop!" Shane sounded right behind me. God, please help, I'm sorry for not going to church last Sunday. I will go next week I promise. Hearing Shane's footsteps behind me, I started zigzagging to confuse him. I really needed to stop doing the zigzagging thing because guys, it seriously doesn't work. A warm arm was wrapped around my waist stopping me. I shrieked trying to get loose.

"Let me go!" I said panting. I was out shape, I didn't practice any sport whatsoever.

"Jeez! Calm down!" Shane said not sounding as out of breath as I was. Damn football player!

"Help!" I repeated over and over again. Shane covered my mouth with his free hand.

"Shut up! Could you please calm down?" he turned me around, holding my arms. My eyes met his, my chest was rising up and down due to my rapid breathing "What's wrong with you?" he asked frowning "I'm not going to kill you,"

"Really?" I asked hopeful.

"Yeah, I was trying to scare you but I never thought you'd get the run-like-a-crazy-chick down the road reaction,"

"I thought... you were..." I slapped his hands and stepped back, "What the hell were you doing in my room, you creep!" I folded my arms across my chest. Shane's gaze dropped to my breasts, and it was then I remembered I was shirtless. My purple bra was on sight "Ah!" I screamed covering myself with my t-shirt "You are such a pervert!"

"Oh please, like I would perv on you," he rolled his eyes "let's get back inside," he got his hands inside his jeans' pockets and started walking back to the house. I narrowed my eyes at his back.

"I'm not going anywhere," I said putting my t-shirt back on.

"Then I hope you enjoy getting wet in the cold," he said getting further away from me.

"What?" it took me 15 seconds, three thunders and small drop of rain to understand what he meant. It was going to rain. Sometimes, my brain surprised me with its slowness. I sprinted towards the house as It started to drizzle.

Getting my frozen butt inside the house, I closed the front door behind me. Shane was lying comfortably on the big couch. He had his hands behind his head. I glared at him. Who the hell did he think he was?

"What are you doing here?" he ignored me. I squeezed my fists at my sides "Hey! I'm talking to you!"

"What?" He asked looking bored.

"What. Are. You. Doing. Here?" I said each word slowly. Shane stared at me for a moment and then closed his eyes.

"I'm thinking of a way to make you pay for what you did,"

"I didn't do anything," I faked an innocent tone. Shane sat up, his eyes held a glint of anger.

"I'm going to fail Math because of you, Jones,"

"I told you I was not good with numbers," he stood up.

"No, you didn't,"

"Yes, I did," I retorted sure. He took a step closer.

"No, you didn't. When we finished the assignment the other night, you even patted my shoulder and said and I quote 'You're going to get an A, tiger'" I chuckled. Yeah, I did said that but I was upset because he had invaded my room rudely and called me an ugly nerd many times. 

"Hum, I did my best," I shrugged my shoulders. Shane narrowed his hazel eyes at me.

"I was trying to impress this chick in my math class and you ruined it," I rolled my eyes.

"You're telling me you caused all this mess because you wanted to get laid?"

"Pretty much," I shook my head disapprovingly, "What? She's hot and has these pair of big boo-"

"Shane!" I screamed disgusted. He reminded me so much of Jason. Were all men the same?

"Anyway, you know payback is a bi-"

"Stop it with the bad words," I cut him off. Shane simply smirked at me and searched for something behind his back. Was it a gun? A bomb? My pencils? I was definitely not expecting what I saw.

"It's curious what we can fin in someone's room," he commented as he showed me my diary. My jaw dropped to the floor.

"Oh no,"

"Oh yes," he nodded satisfied.

"Oh no," I could feel the blood rushing to my face. I was both angry and embarrassed, how could he?

"Oh, yes, Jones," I could tell he was pleased by my reaction, "A diary? Seriously? What are you, ten?"

"That's mine! You have no right to see that!" I said with a stomp of my foot.

"So, tell me," he started, I could tell he was holding back laughter "when Jack dumped you because your hair was ugly, did you cry?" Oh no, my hair, that was such a sensitive subject for me. Jack marked me, that happened when I was ten but it still hurt me. My heart started hammering inside my chest, and my blood was boiling.

"Shane," I said through clenched teeth.

"You did, didn't you?" he teased smirking. That was it, I don't know how or why but my violent side seemed to come to the surface when I was around Shane. Clenching my fists, I jumped to him and pushed him hard on the chest.

"Give it back, you stupid egocentric jerk!" I kept hitting his chest over and over again.

"Whoa, whoa, calm down, little lion" Shane said not moving at all. He didn't seem to be affected by my hits. I tried reaching my diary but he raised his hand as higher as he could. Being the dwarf I was, I had no chance of getting it. A brilliant idea came to me, I jumped on the couch and grinned like an idiot when I realized I could reach it now. I grasped the hem of the diary but Shane pulled it backwards. I wasn't going to let go of my diary, hell no! Shane pulled again and this time I lost my equilibrium and fell forwards.

"Ah!" I screamed as I fell, Shane tried to stop me mid-air but he ended up falling with me.

"Sh*t!" he exclaimed when the back of his head hit the floor. I landed on top of him. I got my hands on the floor so I could lean backwards, when I did I froze. We were extremely close. His breath was mixing with mine. His eyes hazel eyes stared into right mine. My cheeks turned pink when I realized I was straddling him. His hands were on my waist.
His wet lips formed a smirk as his gaze dropped to my lips. I could feel my heart beating fast inside my chest. I'd never been in such intimate position with a guy before. Shane squeezed my waist gently and I bit my lower lip nervously as I gazed at his wet lips. They looked so soft.

"Jules!" Jason's voice snapped me out of my trance. My head snapped towards the source of his voice. He was standing in the front door frame, looking damp. I could see the heavy rain from where I was sitting. He closed the door and his eyes scanned the living room widening when he spotted me "Oh," was all he said in shock. Quickly, I jumped to my feet smiling nervously.

"It's not what it looks like," I explained. Shane stood up next to me, looking smug and triumphal. Jason stared at me.

"Sure, I should go now, I thought you were alone because your mom was on duty but-"

"Yes, yes, I am alone," I replied fast. Jason frowned and glanced at Shane "Shane was about to leave," I said. For a moment, I could only hear the rain and my own breathing. Oh boy, this was awkward.

"No, I wasn't," Shane stated sitting on the couch. I sighed in frustration. Jason and I shared gazes, he was obviously shocked.

"Jules, Can I talk you for a sec?" he asked walking to the kitchen. I nodded and followed him. When we were alone, Jason leaned against the kitchen's counter and folded his arms across his chest. His chestnut straight hair was wet; his fringe was stuck to his forehead. His green eyes were staring at me, waiting for an explanation.

"I didn't invite him," I said frankly.

"Am I missing something here? I found you this afternoon in the boy's bathroom with some dude and now this," he shook his head "Next time, I'll find you having se-"



"It was all a big" I made a circle with my hands "misunderstanding"

"Really, Jules? Shane Mason? I thought you wouldn't go for the school's jerk,"

"And you're right, I wouldn't," Jason gave me the 'I don't believe you at all' look.

"When I saw you two, it looked like you were going to devour each other," he accused.

"No," I grimaced "I was trying to get my diary back, that was all," I said showing him my diary. Jason opened his mouth in shock.

"You have a diary?" he burst out laughing. I narrowed my eyes at him.

"Yes, I have a diary," I said trying to maintain my dignity.

"That's like..." he clutched his stomach laughing "so girly,"

"I am a girl, Jason,"

"Yeah, but I never thought you would be that girly,"

"There's nothing wrong with having a diary," I defended holding my diary against my chest.

"Whatever you say, Jules," Jason said walking to the fridge. He took a peach out and gave it a bite.


Peachy girl...


I ran out of the kitchen and went upstairs. I heard Shane yelling from the living room but ignored him. I entered my room and sat on my bed. opening my laptop, I logged on wattpad. I had three private messages. I smiled like a fool when I saw there was one from Evan.

Him: Did you get killed? ;)

Me: Unfortunately for you, no.

Him: That's too bad.

Me: I'm still in danger though.

Him: Why?

Me: Shane is here.

Him: Here where?

Me: My house.

Him: Oh

Me: Yeah, but I'm fine.

Him: Missed me, girly? ;)

Me: Pftt, never.

We chatted for a while. It surprised me how many things we had in common. Even though, Evan and I were clearly opposites we still liked the same bands, food and books. It was kind of contradictory if you ask me. Shane and Jason didn't appear in my room. I wondered what they were doing downstairs but there was no way I was getting my butt out of bed any time soon. As I waited for Evan's reply to one of my private messages, I scanned his wattpad profile. My eyes roamed down his message board and I frowned. There was a public conversation between him and a girl.

Her: Oh please, I would never fall for you.

him: I think you already fell, silly girl.

My heart sank in my chest. They were flirting... I read the rest of the messages to confirm they were shamelessly flirting. Sadness and disappointment invaded me. I knew I was being irrational, I didn't even know the guy but somehow, I'd felt special when Evan talked to me. I'd felt like I was the only one he wanted to speak to when he was on wattpad. Obviously, I was wrong. I ran my hand through my hair and clicked on the private messages option. Evan was telling something about some rock band he liked. I kept giving him short replies like "Yeah" "Ok" "Right" until he noticed my change of mood.

Him: Something wrong?

Me: No.

Him: Spit it out.

Me: What?

Him: You're obviously upset about something.

Me: I'm fine.

Him: Then why the change of mood?

Me: I said I'm fine.

Him: Tell me.

Me: :) I'm fine. So, you like a girl on here, huh?

I tried to seem casual but I sucked at pretending.

Him: What do you mean?

Me: Don't play the fool, haha I can help you with her if you want.

Him: ???

Me: The girl on your message board :P

Him: You're jealous?

Me: Pfftt no!

Him: Yes, you are.

Me: No, I am not.

Him: Right, prove it.

Me: How?

Him: Help me with her :) (Even though, I don't need your help to get a girl)

Me: Hum, I don't know her.

Him: Neither do I, but she looks hot in her profile pic.

My stomach clenched at his words. What was wrong with me? Was I jealous?

Me: Sure, I'll help you.

I pressed the enter button reluctantly.

Him: You are so silly, Jules.

Me: Why?

Him: Never mind.

Me: Evan, can I ask you something?

Him: Yeah.

Me: Where are you from?

Him: haha Stalker.

Me: Please, I want to know.

Him: Why?

Me: I don't know.

Him: Give me your house phone's number :)

Me: What?

Him: Do it :)

I typed the number, my heart was hammering inside my chest. What was he up to?

Me: Evan?

He didn't reply. I jumped when the house's phone started ringing. It couldn't be him... right?


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