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- Chapter 04 -

After the torment that was gymnastics, I was finally heading out of school. Mom had texted me, saying she was going to be a little bit late so I was doomed to wait for her out in the cold. Even when winter was almost gone, the cold breeze was still whipping our town. I sat on a nearby bench and sighed watching students getting in their cars and chatting. I couldn't believe I had slapped someone as popular as Shane and got away with it.

Being really bored, I got on wattpad and started checking my favorite discussions on the clubs. I would always spend time talking and sharing opinions with people there. It was then an idea occurred to me. I clicked on Evan's profile and entered his poetry collection. I wanted to know more about him. I read his poems and tears sprung to my eyes. They were so sad, and they were so well written that they got to my heart quickly. His username made more sense now "Darkpoet001" his poems were dark but they were also extremely sad. 

Motivated by curiosity, I clicked on one of his two stories. It was a thriller story about some murders and stuff like that, I'd read it later so I clicked on the other one. I opened my mouth surprised. It was about a boy, a lonely boy. The prologue described his sad thoughts about the world. Wanting to know more, I transported myself into the story as I read it in silence. 

The main character was so deep and thick, that I found myself very intrigued by him. The story developed in college, basically emphasizing all the steps the main character had to take to overcome his difficulties. He had lost his family and the love of his life. God, this boy knew how to get to someone's heart. Tears escaped my eyes while I was reading a very emotional scene. The girl he loved broke his heart; she dumped him for his best friend. How could she do that? I was so into the story that I forgot I was in the parking lot. I didn't notice a figure standing in front of me.

Someone coughed obviously trying to get my attention but I ignored it. I needed to know what Josh, the main character, was to say to his former girlfriend. My phone was taken from my hands in a quick move.

"Hey!" I exclaimed looking up "Uh-oh," I met Shane's hazel eyes; they held a glint of anger. I swallowed.

"You owe me an apology," he stated coldly.

"Me?" I aimed a finger to me innocently.

"Yeah, you,"

"You insulted me! You deserved what you got," I said standing up "give me my phone back,"

"Don't mess with me, Jones," he pronounced my last name slowly. 

"Are you threatening me?" I scowled at him as he stepped closer to me. Worrying about my safety, I backed away. His lips formed a wicked grin. 

"Hit me again and you'll see," 

"See what?" I was not going to let him intimidate me. He grabbed my arm rudely pulling me to him. I struggled to release myself "Let me go!" 

"You are so..." he stated as he stared at me in silence.

"Insult me again and I swear-"

"Beautiful," I gasped and couldn't help the blush filling my cheeks but then he laughed. I frowned as he let me go and gave me my phone back. He continued to laugh for a while "You should...have...your... face..." he said among his laughter. So it was a joke? Why didn't it surprise me? Of course, a guy like him would never think I was beautiful. I simply glared at him and felt relief when I spotted my mother's car. I walked past Shane but he grabbed my arm again stopping me "What's your name?" Oh Great, he knew my last name but not my name, so classy. 

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