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Tu, simplemente tu, tan solo tu ~ Yo que muy dificilmente me enamoro contigo todo ha sido diferente ~"


Translation: You, simply, only you ~ I hardly fall in love but with you, everything’s been different~


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Chapter 32

Was this a thriller movie? 

Because I certainly felt like it was one. You know that moment when the victim gets caught by the killer inside a small area? Yeah, I was living it. I took a step backwards scared. The back of my legs touched the bed, letting me know I had no escape. Shane still had that wicked grin on his face. This room looked too small for him to fit. What was he up to? He took a step forwards, determination plastered on his face. Although, his eyes seemed unfocused. 

"Shane," I called him, getting his attention "what are you doing?" he didn't reply, taking another step in my direction. It made me wonder if he was pretending to be drunk to trap me like this. He wouldn't do that, right?

"Jules, Jules, Jules," he repeated my name deliberately slow. I scowled at him. 

"What are you doing?" I was scrutinizing him, trying to see if he was lying about being drunk. Shane's brown eyes were slightly narrowed as if he was having a hard time to see me well "Are you really drunk?" Shane's grin grew bigger but didn't say anything. However, I got my reply when a very loud sound left his lips: A hiccup followed by a drunken giggle. I rolled my eyes, relaxing my shoulders "Let's get you to bed,"

"No," he shook his head stubbornly.

"Come on," I grabbed his shoulder and pulled him to the bed. Being obviously his drunk-self, Shane lost his equilibrium and fell on the bed. I took the chance to pull the covers over him. When he finally was lying on his back, I knew it was time for me to leave. Apparently, Shane thought otherwise because he held both of my wrists, forcing me to sit next to him. 

"Wait, don't go, I..." he muttered something else but I couldn't catch it. 


"I think I’m drunk," 

"Really?" I chuckled "How did you get to that preposterous conclusion?" I said sarcastically. He gave me a small smile. 

"Because I want to say something I shouldn't say," I frowned.

"And what is that?"

"Why?" I gave him a confused look "Why him?" I froze.

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