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Chapter 06

You know that funny moment when you're holding back laughter and the more you try not to laugh, the more you want to do it. I was living that exact moment.. I was looking through the little square glass on the Math's class door. Mr. Satty was giving out the Math's assignments grades. I couldn't get inside, I was a junior and this was a senior class. So I was stuck with watching from the hallway. I was patiently waiting for Shane to get his grade.

I could not believe I was skipping Biology for this but I really wanted to see his face. He was sitting on one of the front seats, looking smug as he waited. He ran his fingers through his envied hair and smirked at some girl next to him. He looked so confident and relaxed. A giggle left my lips, it was becoming impossible to not laugh.

"Shane Mason," Mr. Satty called out scanning the classroom. Shane stood up and walked to Mr. Satty's desk. He gave him his assignment and shook his head disapprovingly. Shane turned back to his seat; I could see his profile clearly. His smug smile vanished as his eyes rolled down the paper in his hands. I was covering my mouth tightly. God, his face was priceless. As if feeling my gaze, his head snapped towards the door. He looked at me angrily, I gasped. His eyes barely narrowed as he stalked towards me.


Shoot! He's going to kill me or do something nasty like get his finger inside my ear. I'd always thought that was disgusting. I started to panic as he got closer; I really hadn't thought this through. I should've have a escape plan. God, I was such an idiot! Jordan, Shane's best friend, got on his way stopping him. Jordan started talking to him about something I couldn't hear. The bell rang. The phrase saved by the bell had never made as much sense in my life as it was doing it now. I took advantage of the commotion around and got away from the door to walk away.

I heard Shane shouting my name from behind but didn't bother to look back. I entered the main hallway and started walking down fast. He was going to murder me but I couldn't help the triumphal smile that crept to my lips. His face... Oh God, I didn't even want to remember, it was hilarious. In my defense, he practically forced to help him with Math a few days ago. It was his fault he didn't believe me when I told him I sucked with numbers.


"Jones!" Uh-oh, I glanced over my shoulder and panicked. Shane was sprinting towards me. Anger plastered on his face, his fists clenched at his sides. Immediately, I started running away. I cursed my short legs, they weren't really helping in my futile attempt of a escape "Jones! You are so dead!" I started zigzagging in the hope of misleading him. Yeah, it wasn't the brightest idea but hey, I was scared.

My eyes met heaven when I spotted the precarious hanging sign that said "Bathroom" without a second thought, I opened the door and ran inside. I rested my back against the door breathing heavily. I was safe. He wouldn't enter the girl's bathroom, would he? I looked up and froze. There was a guy standing a few meters from me. He was holding his little buddy with one hand as he stood in front of the urinal. I screamed so loud, my ears were ringing after it.

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