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My wattpad love.

Four words.

It is unbelievable how four words can change your life forever. Phrases like "I truly love you" or "I really like you" are so powerful and strong; they can warm your heart in a matter of seconds. They can lead you to happiness. But it was not one of those phrases the one that changed my life. It was a much simpler phrase, one I never expected to read.  

It was past midnight. I was surfing on the internet like every Saturday night. After finishing a bowl of ice cream by myself, I was hyperactive and couldn't sleep. I guess the extra sugar in my system was not really helping. I was lying on my stomach moving my finger along the pointing device of my Hp laptop. I was searching for stories to read, I ran out of paper books so I decided to try those so famous online books. I was not having any success; most of the pages that offered the mentioned books were kind of expensive. I would have paid for those books that caught my attention but hey, I was seventeen. I barely had money for lunch at school. Besides, those websites asked for credit cards and I was really far away from getting one of those.  

Sighing in frustration, I was about to give up when I saw an orange icon and the word free. I clicked on it and the internet explorer showed me wonderland: Wattpad. My eyes widened in shock as I read the website's mottos: unlimited stories, free eBooks, free download for your phone. As I scroll down the page, I discovered many stories. Many tittles caught my attention. I wanted to read them all. I could not believe I could read all those amazing stories for free. My heart started hammering inside my chest in excitement.

For the first few days, I was a silent reader. I didn't have an account so I simply enjoyed reading the stories I liked.   But then I felt the need to support those writers who spend hours on their books so I created an account. I was soon fanning people and commenting on stories to show my support. A month later, I was an addict. I checked wattpad three times per day to see if the stories I was following were updated. 

"Are you listening to me?" Laura, my best friend, asked as we walked to school one day.

"Huh?" I asked closing the wattpad app on my IPhone. 

"You never listen to me, Julie. It's getting on my nerves," she complained walking faster, leaving me behind.

"Lau, wait!" I screamed running after her. 

I couldn't help it. Wattpad had become my guilty pleasure. I tried to balance things, you know, hanging out with my friends and spending time on wattpad but it was hard. However, after a few weeks I managed to find the perfect balance. Whenever I was with my friends, I wouldn't take my IPhone out of my pocket because I knew if I did I would succumb to the need of checking wattpad. 

Anyway, you are probably wondering about those four words that changed my life. Well, it happened one afternoon after getting home from school. I turned my laptop on and immediately logged in wattpad. It was then my eyes caught that phrase... 

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Four words, seventeen letters... I had always liked writing. I had a few un-finished stories in my laptop but never got the courage to finish them because I was lazy. Besides, I honestly never thought people would read them. It took me a few days to decide whether to post them or not. Clicking on the upload section and then on post a new story, I uploaded my first story. To say I was nervous is an understatement, I was terrified. I would check my mail each five seconds to see if I got a comment or anything. 

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