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Chapter 12

I was going to die. Period. 

I was breathless, literally, there was no air entering my lungs. I had stopped breathing in the exact moment I read Evan's message. My heart was beating so fast inside my chest that I could feel the beats in my throat and ears. What was wrong with me? It was only a message. I needed to breathe. There was no way I was dying now, at least not without replying his message. 

But what was I supposed to say? He said he liked me. God, Evan admitted he liked me. A giggle escaped my lips ending my self-inflicted respiratory arrest. I no longer felt butterflies in my stomach, they were more like eagles now. Unicorns and flowers were going to erupt from my pores anytime soon. wow, that was too much, wasn't it? 

Act cool and natural...  

I started typing a message but erased it over and over again. 

Should I tell him I liked him, too?

I really sucked at these types of things. There should be books about what to do in this situation. You know tips to date.

There are books about it, you idiot.

My inner voice snapped at me. Yeah yeah, I guess I should really read one of those. Focusing on my phone, I typed a reply.    

Me: I like you, too.  

I swallowed a lump in my throat and sent it. My hands were sweaty. He didn't reply for a few minutes, those were the longest minutes of my life by the way.   

Him: I know ;)  

I narrowed my eyes at his chesty  reply.   

Me: Arrogant much?  

Him: It's the truth. I knew you like me.  

Me: How?   Him: You're too obvious.  

Me: No, I'm not. Wait... you like a friend or...?  

Him: You know the answer to that question.   

Me: I do?  

Him: Yes ;)  

Me: I don't think so.

Him: ;)

Me: Evan...

Him: Yeah? 

Me: never mind.

Him: what is it?

Me: I want to know...

Him: what?

Me: You can't expect me to be all cool after we admitted to like each other.

Him: why are you making a big deal of this?

Me: It is a big deal to me. 

Him: Why? You haven't even seen me. 

I typed a reply and clicked 'send' then, I heard the most terrifying sound I'd heard in my life: My phone's low battery signal. 

 "No,no,no,no" I exclaimed terrified "you can't do this to me," I begged to the device in my hands. I was literally on my hands and knees waiting for the message to be sent.



"Come on!" I was starting to panic. and then it happened.

My stupid selfish idiotic phone went off.

"No! Damn it! Arg!" I groaned and let out a sigh of frustration. Did Evan get my message? Did I send it? What was he thinking now?   

"Jones!" Shane's voice got my attention.   

"What?" I asked annoyed glancing at him over my shoulder. He was floating around the water with a huge grin plastered on his face. I got up and turned to him.

"What?" I repeated.   

"Get in the water,"   

"Ehh... let me think about it," I held my chin pretending to be deep in thought, "No, never, nah, nei, not gonna happen," I gave him a closed mouth smile. Shane narrowed his eyes at me.   

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