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Chapter 28    

Two words.  

Bathing suits.  

I'd never felt comfortable wearing them. Seriously, what's the different between them and underwear? None. So excuse me if I wasn't a fan of walking basically in my underwear around people. Besides, you need a lot of self confidence to wear a bathing suit.   

Even though, my protests and good arguments against those things, Lau made me wear one. She said everyone was going to be wearing them at the festival. Let me tell you something, my best friend was as stubborn as me, if not more.   

So here I was, sitting on Jordan's car backseat wearing blue shorts, a loose white t-shirt and a dark blue bathing suit beneath. Lau said it matched my eyes. She also had straightened my brown hair making it curly at the ends. I felt good about my looks today.  Jordan was the designed driver for the day; Lau was of course sitting next to him. And guess who was being my company on the backseat?   

Yeah, you guessed it right.  


Shane was looking all hot with his jean shorts and green t-shirt but that didn't surprise me. Somehow, I'd grown used to be around him and his hotness.   

"Here we go!" Jordan exclaimed enthusiastically as he started driving into the road.   

"Yeah!" Lau was as enthusiastic as her boyfriend. I, on the other hand, was kind of nervous about seeing Evan again "Take us there, babe!" Lau cheered leaning to kiss Jordan. He leaned to her and kissed her back.   

"Hey!" I pressed my hand on Lau's forehead to push her away from Jordan "Could you just not make out while driving, please?" They both laughed. Lau looked really good. She was only wearing shorts and the top part of her bathing suit. She had enough self-confidence to go around like that unlike me. Her hair was in a pony tail and she had sunglasses on. She turned her head to me and flashed me a smile.   

"You look kind of pale." she commented "You definitely need some sun." I glared at her. Shane snickered beside me. Was he still weird with me like last time I saw him?   

"I can't wait to see you without all that clothes, Jones." Shane said, smirking at me.  

No, he was definitely same old Shane.  

"I prefer keeping my clothes on, thank you very much." I stated bluntly folding my arms across my chest. I could feel Shane's eyes on me.   

"And exactly what's your plan?" He asked crawling closer to me "Get in the river fully dressed and make a fool of yourself?"  

"Who says I'm getting in the river?" I shrugged my shoulders. Lau and Jordan were talking, ignoring us.   

"Well,", Shane's breath was tickling my ear "You'll be wet by the end of the day, Jones. I can assure you that." I shivered. I looked at him, which was a grave mistake. He was too close for my liking. His green feline eyes stared right into mine intensively. I pushed his chest.  

"Back off, Jerkpid!" I covered my mouth as I said it. Shane cocked an eyebrow.  

"What did you just call me?" The amusement in his voice was annoying.  

"Nothing," I mumbled looking at the window. It was sunny outside. It was a great day for the festival.   

"Jerkpid?" Shane asked amusedly "Gotta admit you're creative, babe," I snapped my head towards him.  

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