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Chapter 05    

"Mom, wait," I whispered panicked as she stalked towards Jason.  

"Mrs. Jones, I can explain," Jason started sitting up. I dropped the condoms and approached to her. 

"Mom, it's not wha-" Bam! She slapped Jason right across the face. My jaw dropped to the floor in shock.  

"F*ck!" Jason exclaimed rubbing his cheek "What the-"  

"No cussing, mister!" she menaced placing her hands on her hips "I cannot believe this, I am so disappointed,"  

"Jeez! Mom, it's not what it looks like! I was just-" my mother turned to me.  

"You were just what? Come on, keep talking. Enlighten me!" she said sarcastically. Her eyes were barely narrowed, a sign that she was really angry. I swallowed.  

"I was... he needs condoms but he's not going use them with me," I grimaced at the thought "He's short on money and since I have so many condoms, I was just going to give him some," my mother raised an eyebrow skeptically.

"And he needs to be shirtless to get them?" I opened my mouth to reply but she cut me off "You expect me to believe that?"

"It's the truth, mom. I swear, I'm still a virgin" I said frankly. She stared at me for a moment before looking at Jason.

"Is that the truth?" She asked him seriously. Jason nodded frantically.

"Yes, maa'm," mom sighed.

"I hope you two are being honest here because if I find out you are sharing fluids-"

"Mom!" I screamed disgusted. Sharing fluids? Who the fudge says that? She gave me a closed mouth smile and then became deadly serious.

"I am watching you," she said aiming her fingers at her eyes and then at us, "So behave," she ordered walking to the door "and you," she glanced at Jason "come on, go home now,"


"I don't want you around Jules for today," Jason sighed and put his shirt on,

"Fine," he mumbled and grabbed a few condoms from the floor before heading to the door,

"Who is she?" my mother started interrogating him as they walked out of the room. She closed the door behind them, poor Jason. I really didn't want to imagine the things mom would ask him or tell him. I didn't even want to go there.

"Sharing fluids," I whispered shaking my head. If there was a prize for the most awkward disgusting phrases, mom would win easily. She had this great ability to come up with the most awkward lines I'd heard in my life. Maybe, she got that from being a doctor, I don't know but thanks God I didn't inherit it.

Crawling back to bed, I took my laptop, opened it and placed it on my lap. My chat box was collapsed. Jeez, I had many messages from friends and fans from wattpad. But my eyes searched for one single username: Evan's. I clicked on Darkpoet001 and started typing.

Me: I'm back :) Him: I can tell, Me: ?? Him: Yeah, your cloying smell alerted me of your presence.

Me: Cloying smell? What the hell?

Him: ;)

Me: What are you doing?

Him: Reading.

Me: What are you reading?

Him: "How to get rid of a cheesy writer"  :D

Me: -.- Hilarious.

Him: Bah, you lack sense of humor.

Me: Hum, I read your story.  

I had to ask him about it. Curiosity was killing me.  

Him: So?

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