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Chapter 25

Shane's P.O.V

"Oh Shane!" the brunette in front of me moaned in my lips; but the sound didn't excite me at all, in fact it had the opposite effect. She had that kind of squeaky voice that resembled chalk scraping on a board. I kissed her harder trying to silence that annoying voice of hers but it only earned me a sonorous whimper. I ignored it as her avid hands slide under my t-shirt to caress my lower abdomen. I had her pressed against the bathroom's pottery wall. I didn't know her name but I didn't need it. I'd met her a few minutes ago in the party when my so-considerate companion ditched me.


Whenever I thought about her, I got a little angry. That little blue-eyed demon definitely knew how to get under my skin. I remembered her coming out of her house looking all cute with that blue navy dress. She was anything like the models-body girls I'd been with but she had something more. She was innocent. I didn't know why I felt this urge to protect her, like she was this fragile porcelain figure who could be broken so easily.

Porcelain figure? Jeez, I'm turning into a pussy.

Anyways, when we'd arrived to the party, I'd gone to get her a drink to tease her about that time Melissa poured one down on her. Imagine my surprise when I came back and saw her talking to that Wattpad freak. They walked out of the living room obviously needing more privacy.

That little...

I'd squeezed the plastic glass so hard that vodka was dripping from my fingers.

Nobody ditches me, I’m Shane Mason. I ditch people.

She didn't seem to appreciate the fact I was choosing to stay by her side instead of finding some easy girl to have my way with this night.

I was being nice here and no one seemed to appreciate it. So, screw niceness, I’d decided I was going to get laid and find some peace between this beautiful brunette’s legs.

“You are such a good kisser,” the girl whispered on my mouth. Her voice came out husky.

“Tell me something I don’t know,” I said arrogantly. She smirked and pulled at my hair to kiss me again. She tasted like cheap vodka and minty gum. Kissing her wasn’t really getting me in the mood so I left her lips to kiss her neck whilst massaging her breasts. I’d always been a boobs’ man so touching hers was really getting me where I wanted to be.

“Shane!” Jordan’s voice entered the bathroom making me jump away from the girl.

“The hell, man! You scared me!” I exclaimed annoyed.

“Have you drunk tonight?” His tone was urgent.

“What?” I frowned “I don’t know if you noticed but I’m kind of busy here.” I gestured to the girl and me suggestively.

“Have you drunk or not?” Jordan pressed, ignoring both the girl and my complaint.

“No,” I stated, remembering I wasn’t really in the mood to drink after being ditched by that little minion known as Jules.

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