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MWattpad Love

Chapter  18

I was not ready.

I wasn't ready to meet Evan. 

I knew it but there was no point of return now. 

I squeezed my sweaty hands whilst I was forcing my feet to move across Dawson's park. My pulse was erratic; I could feel my heart beats in my ears and throat. A drop of cold sweat rolled down my forehead. I wiped it away quickly. Why was I sweating? It was freaking cold out here. It had probably something to do with the fact that I was awfully nervous. I was having a hard time trying to breathe properly, mostly because I was sick—therefore; my nose was all stuffed up.

I really hoped I wouldn't scare him away. I knew I wasn't hot; I wasn't even pretty so I wouldn't blame him for running away when he sees me. As I approached to the lake, I realized I felt sick. The eagles in my stomach were fluttering around desperately. I needed to calm down if I didn't want to vomit all over the recently pruned grass. It wasn't like I had a lot of food in my stomach anyway. 

The sun was setting down, giving the lake's water a glint of orange. I stopped walking when I reached the edge of the lake. After a few seconds of hesitation, I finally lifted my gaze and scanned around. There were a few couples sitting around the lake. My body froze when my eyes spotted the tall figure of a guy. He was standing right across me at the other side of the lake. 


My heart skipped a beat. He was there, Evan was actually there. He was leaning casually against a tree, looking careless. He was wearing dark faded jeans and a black hood. He had his hands inside his jeans' pockets. I swallowed. His deep-black eyes met my blue ones and the world stopped for me. It became hard for me to even breathe. His gaze was so intense; it held so many untold stories and mysteries. I felt like he was seeing right through me; as if his eyes were piercing my soul even when we were a few meters away, even when the lake was between us. My lips formed a nervous smile. He simply stared at me, his handsome facial expression unreadable.

God, I was going to die of a heart attack before I could even talk to him.

Holding my chest, I watched him walk around the lake as he came towards my direction. The closer he came, the faster my heart pumped blood through my veins. 

Breathe, Jules, breathe.

I chanted inside my head. I didn't want to faint before I even got the chance to talk to him. Each step he took towards me was painfully slow. The vanishing sunlight brushed half of his face, making his skin look creamy. I felt like this wasn't real. I couldn't believe I was seeing him. I still remembered his first messages to me on WattPad. I still remembered our first argument. 

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