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Chapter 10

I was stupid, really really stupid. 

I was stuttering, uttering incoherent sentences and laughing nervously. Evan's question had definitely caught me out of guard. I didn't know what to answer so I did the stupidest thing I'd ever done in my life. And believe me, I'd done many. 

I hung up. 

I held my chest trying to calm my breathing. I stared at the phone in shock. Why did I do that? what the hell was wrong with me? I covered my face and growled in anger. I was angry at myself for being so stupid. How could I do that? It was beyond to rude to hang up like that. What was he going to think of me now? In my defense, I panicked. It was like a reflex movement, besides, I wasn't saying much. I was only embarrassing myself by stuttering and mumbling unfinished sentences. 

His question kept replaying inside my head. Did I like someone? Why was I so afraid of the answer? Sure I could forget about it and pretended nothing happened but there was no point of fooling myself. 

Because I, Julie Ann Jones, sort of liked someone. I furrowed my eyebrows as I realized this. 


I definitely felt attracted to him. Yes, call me crazy. I know it was crazy. I mean, I hadn't even seen the guy. I had no idea of what he looked like but somehow that didn't matter. I had fun talking to him. I even enjoyed arguing with him, which was pretty often by the way. he made butterflies appear in my stomach. Not to mention how nervous I became when I heard his voice. I didn't want to imagine what would happen to me if I see him. I would probably die of a respiratory arrest, which would be a very lame death. 

Sighing I fell backwards on my couch. How did I end up liking him? I was sure I hated him at the beginning. He insulted me for God sakes! He made a rude comment about my story. I remembered that as clear as water. I ran my fingers through my hair. Maybe, I was a masochist. 

The phone ran making me jump. I stared at it in silence, I didn't move for a while. But then I realized my stare was not going to stop the phone from ringing so I extended my shaking hand slowly towards it. What if it was Evan? What if it was the Ruffles' factory manager to tell me they were not going to make any more Ruffles? I swallowed, terrified by both options. 

"Hello?" I answered trying to keep a straight voice. 

"Jules!" I relaxed as I heard Laura's voice. Ruffles were safe.

"Hey, Lau, what's up?"

"What's up?!" she imitated my voice. It was then I noticed she sounded angry "why are you ignoring me on facebook?"


"Great, now you're deaf,"

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