My Baby (Futanari) by StayGolden08
My Baby (Futanari)by StayGolden08
Andy Fanning, A quiet, mysterious, 21 year old girl that had never been in a serious relationship or had any love interest in her life. She has never really shown any i...
  • lesbian
  • protectiveness
  • love
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Quavo Love Story by rllypimpcess
Quavo Love Storyby _.pimpcess💕
Quavious Marshall, aka, Quavo member of the rap group Migos. He is 26 years old and is very wealthy. He has what you call 'Hoes' that's just a quick fuck he says. He goe...
  • jaydawayda
  • takeoff
  • laughs
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  • xxxtentacion
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A SPARKLE OF TRUE LOVE.. by Ayeshasyed97
A SPARKLE OF TRUE Ayeshasyed97
Glancing at my feet he sighed "who wears heels on an excursion to the mountains Areesha what were you thinking!" he grunted. "I I forgot" "You...
  • jealousy
  • dubai
  • patience
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BBW Up For A Bet by Niaalove1
BBW Up For A Betby Nialoove1
read to find out 😛
  • hurt
  • tears
  • ghetto
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Random Laughs, Thoughts, and Whatever Else Gets Thrown Here by LunarEclipsed17
Random Laughs, Thoughts, and Noelle Cashmier
Random things that are probably gonna be so random I really can't specify anything 😂
  • trolls
  • random
  • thoughts
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Granny's Diary by 53100563S
Granny's Diaryby Susan Joubert
Finding her grandma's diary in the stuff that her mother wanted to donate to the Salvation Army made Beth really sad. She hid in one of her drawers with the intention t...
  • dreams
  • fun
  • cries
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Random One Shots by CastrarWolf
Random One Shotsby CastrarWolf
This book may contain fluff one shots, but no lemon! I hate those, to be honest. Sorry! No offense to those who write lemons though! It's also just really awkward for me...
  • oneshots
  • laughs
  • romance
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R O Y A L S by FrozenSuger
R O Y A L Sby FrozenSuger
#3 in angerissues Ace Anderson, The once lovely creature, has gone through a hall of flames, the fire caught his inners as the once love he had, only hoped to fade. A...
  • optimist
  • poorgirl
  • teenfiction
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The Chubby Girl In The Harem World by Jolene5050
The Chubby Girl In The Harem Worldby Anxious Queen
How many Harems have you seen were the girl is a bit bigger. Huh. Can't think of one. Well you're about to have the best ride of your life. (Harems Include-Uta No Prince...
  • bxg
  • love
  • brothersconflict
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Hope by TresureShadow
Hopeby TresureShadow
In which a girl saves a boy after getting hit by a car; and the boy saves the girl from her own mind
  • hope
  • sweet
  • falling
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Let's Talk About It ~ Groupchat Chronicles by lostsoulnospirit
Let's Talk About It ~ Groupchat Lost Soul💔
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  • drama
  • gc
  • laughs
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Hellooooo Guys and Girls!! Do you love Alladdin and Jeannie sequence of the Alladdin series!!? Soo on the basis of that there was a series in English as well as Hindi...
  • manan
  • nandini
  • nannu
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Memes and More by FaerieE
Memes and Moreby FaerieE
Need a laugh. Maybe you will enjoy these Memes, headcannons, jokes, and more. I don't own any of the images.
  • disney
  • starwars
  • laughs
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Mr. Fixit's Family😎❤ by TheTrickyT
Mr. Fixit's Family😎❤by ❊Tia❊The Poet❊
" Mr. Fixit's Family " #23 in grandparents #41 in giggles - By Tia The Poet.. Do give it a read!!!!! A perfect read to even a random reader. I promise! You'l...
  • giggles
  • family
  • humor
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Summer's Light by KayleeKatastrophy
Summer's Lightby Kayleigh Champney
I'm Summer, like the season. He's Alex, like the Gaskarth. We come from two separate worlds, his arrogance, fame, fortune, and I guess a forgetful memory. Mine of patie...
  • laughs
  • romance
  • laugh
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8th Member of BTS!? by k00ki3123
8th Member of BTS!?by Adriana Montufar Santana
This story is about how Ashley meets her favourite band and gets to be with them forever and she loves jungkook as a boyfriend so does he likes Ashley like his girlfrien...
  • rude
  • friendship
  • suga
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The badboy Next Door|| Watty's 2018 by AintGonnaCry
The badboy Next Door|| Watty's 2018by Bish
Lucy stephans was not like most girls, she was different in a good way, with her skills to give a good punch, she defended herself. But what happens when arrogant, cocky...
  • aintgonnacry
  • laughs
  • love
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