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My Wattpad Love

Chapter 23

I didn't move. I didn't breathe. I didn't do anything – not even when the house phone started ringing, not even when my phone buzzed in my hand.

Evan kissed me...

Well technically, I’d kissed him first, but then he kissed me, and for the raw passion he showed throughout the kiss he definitely enjoyed it. I stared at my opened front door in silence. I could see my front garden; the vanishing sunlight was brushing the dead flowers softly. I smiled like fool, a wave of happiness and relief washing over me.

Happiness because I’d just had the best kiss of my entire life and relief because Evan didn't reject me, which was my worst fear. I brought a hand to my mouth and I swear I could still feel his soft lips against mine. I never thought a kiss could me make feel so many things. I had been kissed before but never felt this way about it. Actually, my past attempts of dates never really went for the whole French kiss thing. Evan, on the other hand... well, the guy was an expert on the French kiss area; if he hadn't broken the kiss I could have easily spent the rest of my life with my face glued to his. However, I doubted that could happen since Evan was nowhere to be seen. Realization came down on me like a bucket filled with ice-cubes.

Evan left.
He'd gone.
He walked away.

I'd never been so confused about my emotions. I was happy a second ago but suddenly now sadness was taking over me even though a part of me was still squealing excitedly about the kiss.

Such a bittersweet moment...

The wind slammed my door closed in a very violent move making me jump awake. I'd been in some sort of trance.

The house phone was ringing. I snapped my head towards it.

What if it was Evan? Was he calling me to apologize for leaving like that? That didn't sound like something he would do, but I still hoped that was what he was going to do.

Grasping some courage, I answered the phone.

"Ugh, hello?" I had a hard time finding my voice.

"Jules!" My mother's voice exclaimed into my ear. Relief and disappointment filled me. God, I really needed to stop these contradictory emotions in me.  

"Hi, Mom."  

"Where were you? I've been calling for a while now." Her tone was demanding. Feeling like a thief caught in the act, I swallowed a lump in throat.

  "I was..."

Making out with my ultimate crush in our living room.

Yeah, like I would say that. I needed to come up with a lie, which knowing me wouldn't turn out any good.

"I was..." I trailed off again.

Don't say anything stupid! Don't say anything stupid!

"I was... Eating?" I finished uncertainly.

Phew! That wasn't so bad.

"Eating?" Mom repeated incredulously. "Eating what?"

"Nuts," I said stupidly.

And you ruined it, idiot!

"You don't like nuts," my mother reminded me "What's going on, Julie? Is everything alright?"

"Everything is absolutely, definitely, perfectly fine," I replied in a rush.

Oh verbal diarrhea! Thank you, brain.

"Did you just use three adverbs in one sentence?" Mom seemed to be getting more and more suspicious.

"Yeah, I... It's an exercise... My English homework actually. You know adverbs, verbs, adjectives, kiss." I quickly snapped my mouth shut.

"Kiss? Julia Ann Jones, what the hell is going on?"

"He, I... There was a kiss in a book we're reading in class so yeah," I explained, laughing nervously.

I suck at lying! My God!

"I'm going home," Mom informed, sounding angry.

"No, Mom, I swear everything is fine!"

"Sweetie, I'm your mother. I know you, not to mention you are a terrible liar. You got that from your father." There was a silence. It was the first time that Mom had mentioned him in a while. She seemed to realize that too because she didn't say anything else.

"You don't need to come home. You have patients to take care of, and I'm fine, Mom. Trust me."

"Just promise me you'll explain everything to me tomorrow, alright?" She didn't sound angry anymore. She sounded worried.

"I promise," I stated in a defeated tone. There was no point in continuing this futile attempt to lie.

"Alright, I'll check on you every two hours. Lock the doors and-"

"All the windows," I finished for her. I was used to being alone in my house. Mom's job forced me to get used to it. Somehow, that made me more independent and mature in some aspects. Mom hung up after making some comments about behaving and being a responsible daughter. I couldn't blame her, she knew I'd been lying and she still let it pass... until tomorrow, that is. I shuddered thinking of her interrogatory.

I let myself fall on the armrest of the couch and blew a strand of hair out of my face.

What a long day! I looked down at my phone where a few mails from Wattpad were waiting, but none of them said anything about dark_poet001.

Should I text him? But what was I going to say?

'Hey, I was wondering why you ran away after we shared that awesome mind-blowing kiss.'

Nah, that was not happening. I’d run out of bravery for the day. I needed to talk to someone. Needing a friend, I scrolled down my mobile messenger contacts. I knew I would find Laura online.

Me: Where are u?
LauIsASexybeast: Jordan's place. Why?
Me: I need to talk to you. Can you come over?
LauIsASexybeast: Something wrong?
Me: No, but I need someone to talk with. It's cool if you can't come though.
LauIsASexyBeast: I'm coming. Don't do anything stupid.
Me: Anything stupid?
LauIsASexyBeast: Yeah, like killing yourself or throwing away your awesome purple top.
Me: You're crazy.
LauIsASexyBeast: Haha I'll be there soon.
Me: Ok.

I threw my phone on the couch and got to my feet. I needed a glass of water. The turmoil of emotions inside me had been overwhelming. I was heading towards the kitchen when-

"Mi corazon esta abierto, lo tengo que cerrar, me importas tanto. Eres mi debilidad." I stopped on my tracks frowning at the song echoing behind me "Mis heridas me recuerdan, que el pasado es real."

What the hell? Was that my phone? Was that a song... in Spanish? Why on Earth...

Ask questions later! Answer the phone!

Slowly, I went to pick up my phone. I scowled at the ID:

Jason rocks :D

"What the hell, Jason?" I answered, totally confused. "Your ringtone-"

"Is a song in Spanish," he interrupted me and chuckled. "That's a pretty good song."

Okay, so everyone seemed to feel right with changing their ringtone in my phone without my permission. Great!

"When did you-"

"Jules, listen.” Jason cut me off. “What did you say to Helen?"

"What are you talking about?" I frowned.

"Well, she didn't give me my dose of sex today."  I rolled my eyes at his remark.

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