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Chapter 14

My bed had to be the most comfortable thing on Earth. It was soft like a cloud. I was waking up slowly feeling extremely rested. I was lying on my side when I felt something warm on my back. There was also something hard poking my ass. The warm thing moved and there was suddenly something heavy on my waist. Opening my eyes, I looked down at my waist and gasped. There was an arm wrapped there.

"What the..." I mumbled with a sleepy voice. I rolled over to look behind me. My eyes met the peaceful sleeping face of Jason. I frowned in confusion. What the hell was he doing here? His chest was naked. My frown grew bigger and I looked down past his abdomen. I screamed loudly backing away from him. Jason's eyes snapped opened, before he could say anything I fell off the bed with a thud. It was a good thing the house had a carpeted floor otherwise that could have been really painful. 

"Jules?" Jason seemed to be searching for me. I jumped on my feet, my face was as red as it could get. Jason was sitting on the bed now, my sheets covering down his waist.

"You! You... You're naked!" I shouted shocked. 

"Stop screaming!" he grimaced in pain, "my head is going to explode,"

"You're naked!" I repeated aiming my finger at him.

"I'm not naked, I'm..." Jason looked under the sheets and his eyes widened "Ok, I’m naked," he acknowledged and looked up at me.

"What the hell, Jason! Why are you naked?"

"I don't know," he rubbed his temples, "it's hard to think when my head is throbbing like this,"

"And you were lying next to me... and that thing poked me! Oh my God! It poked me!" I scrunched my nose in disgust "I feel so violated,"

"Jules, you're overreacting,"

"Am I? I woke up to find my very excited best friend laying naked next to me. Excuse me, if I'm a little freak out here,"

"I'm sorry, I guess, I was cold last night and decided to come up and sleep with you," I held my forehead pacing around my room. Jason and I had slept together before. But really slept, we didn't have sex or anything like that. He was like my brother. Sometimes when Mom was on duty and he came over, he stayed all night long. But of course, nothing weird like this had ever happened to us. Jason got out of my bed covering his thing with my pillow.

Oh my poor pillow!

"I get that you were cold last night whilst sleeping on the couch," I paused and glanced at him. Jason was smiling apologetically "but I don't get why you're naked,"

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