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My Wattpad Love

 "Julie..." a low whisper dragged me out of sleep. I opened my eyes slowly, my sight was blurred for a few seconds but it quickly adjusted to my surroundings. The first thing I saw was my bed. It was a few meters away; the purple sheets were perfectly fixed.

Wait...if my bed was so far away, then where was I sleeping? As if my mind wanted to reply, pain shot through my neck. It was then I realized my face was lying on my laptop's keyboard; I was sitting in front of my desk. I got my face off the keyboard, my cheek stung, I was sure I had letters marked on my skin.

"Ow," I exclaimed rubbing my neck. How I managed to sleep in such uncomfortable position, I had no idea. I couldn't even remember falling asleep in the first place. My room was only lightened up by the small lamp on my night stand.

"Julie," the same voice repeated and I scanned my room to find it empty. I frowned. What the-"Julie," the voice sounded more urgent this time. I was still half-sleep. I got up and started walking like a zombie towards my window. My house was a two-story one so my room was on the second floor. There was a big full moon on the sky "Julie!" I took a look outside but found nothing so I lifted my gaze to the sky "Julie," 

"God?" I asked scared. But then, a flying rock hit my forehead "Ow!"

"Wake up! Damn it!" I held my forehead and looked down at my garden frowning.

"Jason?" I scowled at him. He was standing behind a bush between my mother's flowers. He was my best friend since kinder garden "What the hell! You hit me!" I whined rubbing my forehead.

"Throw the sheet, I need to talk to you," Jason usually sneaked in my house. I would throw a prepared sheet and he would climb it like a monkey. My window was not really high anyway.

"What? Are you out of your mind? It's..." I trailed off; I didn't know what time it was "It's late!" I finished unsure. 

"It's an emergency," 

"What type of emergency?

"Type Y," my eyes widened. Jason and I had created some sort of code, the types of emergency went from V to Z. Believe me, Y was a very grave one. I searched under my bed to find the sheets and then threw it over my window. In a matter of seconds, Jason jumped inside my room. His brown hair was messy as if he had run his finger through it many times. 

"What happened?" 

"I need a condom," I gasped as his blunt reply. 

"What?! Are you serious?" I asked exasperated.

"It's an emergency!" he exclaimed with pleading eyes.

"That is not an emergency! Buy your own condoms, you cheap whore!" I slapped his shoulder.

"Please, Jules, please," he begged.


"Come on! It's not like you're using them anyway,"

"Get out," I stated pushing him to the window. 

"The drug store is closed. You know there's no other place where I can get condoms at this time, please!" I knew he was being honest. There was only one drug store in the entire town.

Sighing in defeat, I walked to my dresser and found some condoms. I was a virgin but hey, that doesn't mean I wasn't prepared. Besides, my mother was a doctor. When she gave me the "talk" she made sure to provide me with a big quantity of condoms. I threw them rudely to Jason. He caught them in midair and grinned at me. 

"Stop using the emergency code for these types of things," I said folding my arms across my chest. Jason held my face and kissed my forehead.

"I love you, you're the best friend ever," and with that he climbed out of my window. Yawning, I got on my bed. My IPhone was under my pillow; I grasped it and checked my mails. I hadn't bothered on replying earlier to that rude boy from wattpad. I was too busy writing a chapter for one of my stories when I'd fallen sleep. It was 2:30 am. Wow, I should be sleeping. Curiosity filled my veins so I went to his profile. His last status was 28 minutes ago. I scowled at his words: 

Cleaning out my message board, it had pink fingerprints everywhere, Ew!

He had to be kidding me! What the hell was wrong with him? Could he just let it go? I touched the private message he'd sent me to open it. Quickly, I started typing a message to him.

Can you just let it go? 

I pressed send and almost jumped in surprised when my IPhone buzzed. Jeez, that boy was fast!

Him: No.

Me: What's your problem?

Him: You are my problem.

Me: Why?

Him: Because.

I growled in frustration and was about to reply when he sent another message.

Him: What are you doing?

Me: Like I would tell you that.

Him: It's late where you live.

Me: How do you know?

Him: you wrote it on your profile. You are not really bright, are you?

Me: Stalker much?

Him: Technically, you are stalking me. You are the one getting in my profile and you messaged me first.

Me: No, you messaged me first!

Him: Whatever. You didn't answer my question.

Me: Why do you want to know what I'm doing?

Him: Just curious.

Me: Freak.

Him: Strawberry girl.

Me: Stop calling me that!

Him: Make me.

Me: You are impossible!

Him: Thanks ;)

Me: My God, it was not a compliment! 

Him: I know. So are you doing something you shouldn't? >=) 

Me: What do you mean?

Him: You don't want to tell me what you're doing so I'm going to start assuming things.

Me: What?

Him: Are you watching porn?

Me: No! Are you out of your mind?!

Him: then what are you doing up? It's 2:54 am where you live.

Me: I was just... helping a friend.

Him: At this time? 

Me: Yeah

Him: A male friend?

Me: That's not of your business. 

Him: ;) 

Curiosity kept filling my veins so I decided to ask him something.

Me: What’s your name?

Him: Darkpoet001 :)

Me: No, I mean your real name.

Him: Why do you want to know, Mrs. Strawberry?

Me: Dear God! Stop calling me that! 

Him: Or what? You will hug me to death and throw strawberry pies at me? ;)

Me: You are unbelievable! 

Him: I know ;) 

Me: I’m out of here. I don't know why I waste my time talking to you.

Him: That hurt! 

Me: Right, bye! 

Before I could put my IPhone away he replied: 

My name is Evan :) Night, Sweet Jules.



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