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Chapter 20

We all have awkward moments in our lives. It's like we're destined to have them. Sometimes I wonder if it's normal to have so many because I was certainly going to break a record or something. Well, I was about to have what I'd like to define the most awkward moment of my life. As Laura, Jordan and Shane walked towards me and Evan, I had no idea of what to say or how to say it. My brain didn't seem to process the situation. Maybe, the cough medicine syrup did have an effect on me. Whatever the reason for my frozen state was, it didn't matter at the moment. Laura was the first one to get to us. She was smiling knowingly.

"Hey," she greeted. Evan stood up and I did the same. Jordan reached Lau from behind and wrapped his arms around her waist. He rested his chin on her shoulder.

"Hey, sick puppy," Jordan said grinning at me but then his grin vanished when he looked at Evan. 

Shane was the last to come closer. His hands were full of bags. His face was unreadable. It was like a mask of coldness was covering his face. I mean, Shane always had that arrogant playful attitude since the very first day we started talking but right now, his face was just blank. No trace of playfulness not even arrogance were on it. I scowled at him but he simply stopped walking once he was next to Jordan and Lau. That was how the awkward silence began. What wasn't I saying something? Everyone was waiting for me to introduce Evan and I was standing there like an idiot. Laura made me a gesture to speak. 

"Jules?" She called my name and that seemed to snap me out of my trance. 

"Ugh, guys, this is… hum…" I trailed off nervously. Everyone was staring at me expectantly.

Awkward moment when your real friends meet your online friend…

Laura raised an eyebrow waiting for me to continue.

"I'm Evan." Evan spoke for me. He shook Jordan's hand.



“I’m Laura, nice to meet you, Evan.” Laura said his name slowly flashing amused smiles at me.

“What are you doing outside?” Shane asked coldly. I opened my mouth to speak but he continued “You’re sick. You shouldn’t be out in the cold.” I knew he was right.

“Let’s get inside.”  Laura agreed.

“I should probably go now,” Evan whispered to me. I knew he wasn’t comfortable.

“No, don’t go.” Laure intervened grinning like a cat “We’re going to watch a movie. You should stay. There are enough snacks for everyone.” Her excitement was contagious.

“Yeah,” Jordan agreed as he started walking towards the door holding Lau’s hand. When he passed Evan, I heard him whisper “don’t eat the Ruffles though, she’ll kill you.” He pointed me mocking fear.

“Very funny, Jordan,” I rolled my eyes.

After getting our frozen butts inside the house, Jordan and Lau sat on the big couch. Evan sat on the other couch shyly. Shane took the bags to the kitchen. I hesitated, not knowing where I should sit. Evan was rubbing his hands over his lap, he was probably feeling out of place. I was about to sit next to him when a hand was wrapped around my arm.

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