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Clementine POV

Clementine was an average girl that had hobbies, such as sports and whatever. However some of these didn't last long. But, one reoccurring hobby that she stood with was gaming.
Anything from Minecraft, to Fortnite and single player games like Life is Strange or Borderlands.

She enjoyed anything, especially when her online friend Louis could join in. Even if it was just on headset at 3am, she enjoyed his company. That was mainly because he had a charm to his voice, but also with the basis of what he would say.
For the last 5 months, day after day, the pair had spoke. Whether it was gaming, or on text, there would always be time in the day for Louis.

Louis and Clem originally began playing online together through a mutual friend. It was all accidental, but one of the best accidents to date. That was for the both of them.

"So, when are you coming to visit me? After all, I wanna see your pretty face in person." Louis spoke down the mic, with the controller clicking in the background.
"You haven't even seen my face. My name might not even be Clementine." She retorted, wanting a reaction from the boy.
Louis shrugged, even if she couldn't see. "Call it magic, I just know you're drop dead gorgeous." He flirted. Then continued, "And I know you're real from trying to find your Instagram. Take it off private though."

Clem paused, and ended up dying in her PVP game. "You found my Instagram? Creep." She replied.
"What? I couldn't help myself. Besides, it was easy to find." He defended himself, before cursing at the game.
Feeling confident in her response, Clem retorted "Anyway, how do I know you're real? You could be my long lost sibling for all I know."
"Okay, that's just weird." Louis snorted.

The gaming duo had never seen each other in person. That included pictures on social media.
They only had their imagination to paint an imagine of the other persons appearance.

Louis POV

Today had been a boring day for the boy, since Marlon and Violet were busy doing their own thing with their girlfriends. Clementine wasn't online to play either, which made him slightly disappointed.
Feeling his phone vibrate, the boy pulled out his phone to check the message. It was from his online gaming girl, Clementine.

Clementine: hey stranger. Where abouts in Virginia do you live again?

Louis: that's very personal for someone that won't let me see her face.

Clementine: call it educational purposes. Anyway, I'm currently in a random shopping centre in Virginia.

Louis: alright, I'm interested. I'm from Virginia beach area.

Clementine: nice one. Wanna come and see me? You've been begging forever.

Reading that last message, Louis felt his eyes widen in disbelief and nearly pop out of his head. The girl he's been gaming with had been in his home state for god knows how long, and only now mentioned it.

Jumping out of bed, and quickly getting dressed, Louis knew there was no chance he would miss this opportunity. After all, he'd fallen in love with her voice for the last nearly 6 months.
Hastily stopping at the mirror, he gave himself one last look over. Just to make sure he was presentable.

Louis had his classic ripped jeans on, paired with his signature ever green shirt. Wanting to be slightly bold, he unbuttoned the top button, and rolled up the sleeves to his elbows. He would just blame the hot weather if she asked questions. He quickly styled his dreads.
Louis's tan boots also matched with his honey coloured eyes.
Just to be sure, he gave himself a last spray of cologne and popped several mints into his mouth.

"I'm going out mum, don't wait up for me!" The boy yelled before rushing out of the house and heading straight for the local shopping mall.

By the time he arrived at the mall, evening was fast approaching. It was nearly 4pm and he spam texted Clem to give her updates on his location.

He decided to send a quick text, and send his location through the messaging app. That way, she knew exactly where he would be. But, Louis just hoped she wouldn't be a no show.
Louis: I'm outside of the bakery. It's the little family owned place with a bright sign.

After waiting for nearly 10 minutes and getting no reply, Louis was starting to grow concerned. He was more worried about her safety, than being stood up.
That was until, his phone vibrated with a phone call.

"Hello?" The dread head asked, instantly answering.
"Hey. Are you wearing a green shirt and ripped jeans? If so, I can see you right now." She spoke, over the phone. But, in his other ear, Louis could hear the exact same sentence. It was like an echo.

Turning around, Louis instantly saw her. She was actually there.
Upon seeing Clementine, the boy stood up from the his seat on the floor. He couldn't believe that she was actually here, and in person.

Ending the no longer relevant phone call, Clem slipped her phone away with a grin plastered on her face. Stepping closer, she spoke for the first time in person. "Hey stranger." Was her witty opening line.
"Hey yourself. I was starting to think you stood me up." Louis retorted jokingly, telling the half truth.
Clem let out her angelic laugh, "Yeah, sorry about that. I got lost on the escalators."
Louis let out a nervous laugh too, "This place is kinda complicated to navigate."

There was no denying that this girl in front of him was stunning. Her hair was brunette, with curls covered by a baseball cap. Her large doe eyes could easily get lost in, just by gazing at them. Physically, she was really short compared to Louis.

"You're really beautiful, ya know? Shame I couldn't see it on your Instagram." Louis spoke, smiling genuinely. Clem's heart rate instantly sped up. A cute guy just complimented her.
In response, Clem started to grow beet red. She obviously enjoyed the unexpected compliment from the small smile on her soft lips. "Oh, thanks. You aren't too bad yourself." She replied, feeling shy.
Louis just shrugged, trying to act nonchalant. "I get that a lot." He replied with a wink.

There was a brief silence between the duo. Nervously fidgeting with her hands, Clem suggested "Do you wanna get some dinner? While we are here and all."
"Sure. I'm just sad you beat me to it." He joked, wanting to be the first to ask.
The short girl just giggled, "Sorry. I'll let you ask next time." She replied with a smile.
"Next time huh?" He questioned, with a curious raised brow.
In realisation of what she said, Clem started to go wide eyed. "Oh, yeah. Only if you want to meet up again."

Louis just gave a huge welcoming smile, and wrapped his large hand around her small one. "I'd love to get dinner now, and next time." He said with a wink.
"Good to know. Now let's go, I'm starving." Clem responded, beginning to drag the dread head towards the food court.

The natural chemistry between the duo was undeniable.

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