The Delta

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Clementine POV

After being at Ericson's for a few days, Clem and AJ had gotten to know most of the kids there.
They both thought it was a new chance. A chance of a home.

"There's voices in the pipes." AJ muttered, trying to listen in on what they were saying.
Clem was growing more annoyed, just wanting to sleep. "It'll be fine AJ. It's just someone talking." She said, trying to go back asleep in the noisy dorm room.
Not feeling convinced, the boy spoke against her. "I think they might be in trouble. We should kill monsters if there is any."
"Alvin Jr, go back to sleep." The girl commended, totally not in the mood.
Pouting, AJ rolled back over to go asleep. Ignoring the voices was hard when they were so loud and concerning. "Fine." He pouted.

Little known to the pair of new kids, but Marlon had a plan to trade them to the raiders for safety. Previously trading Sophie and Minnie, no one else had any clue about the truth behind their blonde leader. Had Clem interrupted that argument, things would have ended a lot differently.

Marlon had fully gone through with the deal. Everyone else at the school it was a bad day for the pair, dying in a walker herd while out of the safe zone. After all, that's what happened to everyone else.

The raiders had successfully got their hands on another set of innocent kids. The plan was to corrupt them just like themselves.
Currently being hauled into the forest, Clem was in a constant fight against the man holding her. She wasn't going down without a fight. Not after everything else she'd been through.

"I'm not fighting for you shitheads!" Clem screeched, while being led away by a dirty raider.
"It's either us or them. And they clearly had no problem giving you over like nothing." A woman from her past spoke. Lilly.
"I'd rather die than become one of you. Child snatching assholes!" Clem retorted, still attempting to fight.
Abel had ahold of AJ, roughly by the arm. "You won't be saying that if squirt here ends up with a blown off head."
"You wouldn't dare." Clem challenged, with furrowed brows.
With no words, Abel aimed his shot gun up to the boys small head. He raised a questioning brow at the girl, as if to show he wasn't playing around. The panic in AJ's face was silently begging for Clem to help. In this case, it was to go peacefully.

Clem decided to play nice, and go along with it. After all, she didn't want her or AJ dead. "Okay, I'll do what you want. Just, don't hurt anyone." She reasoned in a calm tone.
"I'm glad to hear you bend so easily." Lilly said, growing pleased.
Although against her new plan, Clem grew angry. Unable to hold herself back, she spat onto the evil woman's face. "I'm not doing it for, asswipe. I'm doing it for my kid."
Calmly, Lilly had wiped the saliva from her face. There was no emotion in her.

Without missing a beat, Clem was knocked to the ground after being slapped by the butt of a gun in her stomach. It knocked the wind out of her, and she was now heaving for air.
With a boot on her neck, she was unable to move. It was Lilly's boot. "I always knew you would be trouble, even from being a kid. Maybe I should've killed you all them years ago, back in the drugstore." Lilly spoke with gritted teeth.

And that whole situation was nearly a year ago. AJ and Clem had been Delta members since that day. They were soldiers in the army.
However, Clem's loyalty would never be with them. Not to people that kidnapped them. But, she would never be loyal the Marlon again. After all, he's the one that gave the pair away.

"We need more people to fight for us." Abel spoke, trying to get his leader to listen.
"You think I don't know that?" Lilly retorted, with a pistol spinning around her finger. Pausing, the older woman began to think. "Where can we get more people to fight for us at such short notice?"
Abel grunted, "That school. The mullet kid will happily give more people over. Just like the last two years." He said like it was the most obvious thing.
Thinking silently to herself, Lilly knew it was a good idea. It was an easy way for soldiers. "Okay. Get Clementine to go too. Maybe we can use her as bait for the dumb kids.."
Slyly grinning, Abel nodded. He knew it would work. But, it didn't work in the way they hoped for.

Mercilessly waking up the girl with his foot, Abel shouted "Get up now! We are going to that school and grabbing the rest of the kids."
Grimacing in anger, Clem responded with gritted teeth "Okay, okay. You don't need to kick me."
Ignoring the snarky remark, the dirty balding man gave further instructions. "We need plenty of guns and carts. It'll be Lilly leading the operation."
Perfect opportunity Clem thought to herself. This was her ticket out of here..

Busting through the unexpected gates of the school, the adults of the Delta were rolling in armed and ready. They had horse and carts ready to steal people, guns and snipers. They also had Clementine, used as bait.

All of the boarding school kids were in a panic. No one had thought this would've happened. Marlon was shook that the group went against their deal.
Amiss the chaos, the leader of the raiders could be heard.
"Everyone come with us peacefully if you want to live! If not, we'll do it the hard way." Lilly ordered, gun at the ready.
Approaching the tall woman, Marlon shouted "You went against our agreement! This wasn't meant to happen."
"Well, that deal was upheld for a year. You knew what would happen if you didn't continue it." She calmly replied.
"I couldn't just keep handing over my friends." He explained, frantically trying to find a solution.

Opening her mouth to reply, Lilly was interrupted by someone else.
"Fuck you! We clearly didn't seem valuable to you for you to hand me and AJ over to a bunch of assholes. You gave us over knowingly." Clem shouted.
"I have no other choice but to give you and AJ away. You were the new people that wouldn't be missed." He tried to explain, but failed.
"I'll see you both in Hell." And that was the last thing Clementine spoke before putting a bullet in Marlon and Lilly.

None of them were trustworthy or loyal to anyone else. She didn't belong in the Delta, and no longer in the school. Marlon and Lilly were the carbon copy of each other. For that reason, Clem took her one opportunity of revenge.

The boarding school kids were scattered around the place, busy protecting themselves and their home. Only a few saw what had happened with Clem going insane.
Tenn had heard the part about Marlon trading people, which made him freeze on the spot.

Louis, undoubtedly, had witnessed what the girl had done to his best friend. "Clementine? What the fuck?!" He shouted, feeling rage.
He felt so conflicted. His best friend was just murdered by the girl he used to fancy. And he was told she was dead, and mourned her for the last year.

"I'm sorry Louis but you don't know what he forced me to live for the last year." Clem spoke with a bitterness, still covered in his best friends blood.
"That doesn't mean you could murder him. You're a murderer!" He shouted, full of mixed emotions.
"It's murder when it's your friend but not murder when it's her?" Pointing to Lilly's bleeding body, "That's hypocritical Louis. And you know it." She retorted, growing to defend her actions.

In the distance, Ruby could be heard muttering "Oh my god."
With Mitch trying to kill strangler walkers. It was all chaos. "There's nothing for her left here." He spoke, giving his opinion. "Besides, he can take her killer kid and leave."

Besides, she had nothing to loose anymore. Especially since AJ died during the Delta war that he was forced to join as a little boy.

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