Locked in The Basement

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Clementine POV

"I'm trying to protect you! All of you!" The mullet boy screamed, through his voice cracks.
"How's pointing a loaded gun around helping anyone?! Sophie and Minerva are gone. You such at protection." Clem retorted, growing closer to the boy.
"Shut your fucking mouth. I made the right call. If they came back, I'd do it again." Marlon spoke.

That caused a bad reaction from the school kids.
"What the fuck!" "Didn't realise we were so expendable." "Oh my god."
"You told me they died! Why would you do something like that?" Tennessee, the girls brother, spoke.
Growing sadder, Marlon responded "I had to save the rest of you, okay? Sophie, Minerva, I didn't want to hurt them." While hiding his ashamed face.
"He was in a tight spot. He thought he was doing the right thing. That doesn't mean he shouldn't pay for it though." Clem spoke, understanding the hardships as leader.

"We can make this right." She said with a calm, but raised, voice.
Louis, edging closer, agreed with the girl he was crushing on. "We'll help you. We are all family here. The only thing any of us have left."
AJ furrowed his brows at that. He felt nothing but anger to the blonde monster.

Realisation, Marlon dropped his weapon. He'd given up.
Facing the group, he muttered. "Just let me leave. You'll never have to see me again."
Louis and Clem looked at each other, with the same sorrow.
Speaking up, the girl announced "You can stay, but not as our leader." To no one objecting that plan.

"You don't-" Violet began. 
Not believing a word, AJ made an attempt to steal the dropped gun. Before the chance of shooting Marlon, Mitch had disarmed him.
"You can't just shoot someone when they are unarmed and beat!" The tall boy shouted, gun in his hand.
"But he's a monster! He's lying and did bad things. We are supposed to kill bad stuff. Clem told me!" The dark, young boy spoke.
"There's a difference between a monster and a human!" Mitch retorted, disposing of the small pistol.

Clem now had that to deal with.

With Marlon alive, the group of teens still had the issue of dealing with their betrayal leader.
"You're going into the basement, until we can figure out what to do with you." Violet spoke for the group.
"Fine, fine." The blonde leader said, not fighting it.

The next morning...

There was an important group meeting that was called in the first thing at sun rise. All future plans were cancelled until further notice.
The constant chatter needed to be put to a stop.
"Alright, settle down. We need to be calm and talk this through." Aasim said loud, banging pots together.
That caused people to be silent.

"Okay. Let's go around and hear everyone's ideas or opinions." Clem spike, wanting to uphold democracy.
Ruby started, "I think he should stay but in the basement. He can't be trusted anymore."
Aasim disagreed, although fancying the redhead. "I disagree. We never kick out our own. Marlon was once our leader, so he should be allowed to stay. Make him work hard and earn his place back."
Louis remained silent, refusing to talk his opinion. He felt mixed ideas.

"I say we escort him to the safe zone and let the raiders take him. Or, just kick him out the group." Violet spat with no sympathy, crossing her arms.
Clem replies, "I disagree. We should allow him to stay but not as a leader. He clearly regrets it."
AJ piped up too. "But Clem, he is a monster. We should kill him."
"Alvin Junior! That is not how we talk about people. Especially when they are regretful. He wants to atone."
"I'm teaching myself now." He retorted.
Clem snapped back with "All the wrong lessons."

Growing awkward, Tennessee brought his opinion to the table too. After all, it was his sister's that were traded like nothing.
"Although I don't like what he did, I know that Marlon did it with best interests. He shouldn't be killed or kicked out for it. I forgive him."
Violet just scoffed quietly.

For the first time, Louis spoke up regarding his best friend.
"I'm angry about what he did to the twins and Brody. He gave them away like they were nothing. I mean, he's almost like my brother, but the things he did were fucked up." Pausing, he then continued by saying "I want him to stay but not as a leader."

So, it was decided with a vote the fate of the blonde ex leader. There were lots of arguments regarding it too, such as Mitch disagreeing with every idea.
Although he couldn't be trusted, they chose to keep him at the school and not venture alone outside of the walls. Rehabilitation was the key, rather than punishment with banishment.

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