James x Charlie Prompts

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The couple that never got the chance-

- James and Charlie have been together for a few short months, but know it will last a life time. Until the Whisperers.

- Charlie is easily viewed as a walk over by everyone around him, whereas James would never use him.

- After they joined the Whisperers, everyone else in the group would tease the couple for being "soft". As no one else in the group is in a relationship.

- Strangely, it's James that calls the shots most of the times.

- The couple never argue, as both are passive aggressive personalities. They also hate arguing since it creates noise.

- It is common knowledge that James's soft tone in his voice was due to hanging around with Charlie for a long time. Before they even started dating.

- Joining the Whisperers together, it initially made their relationship better. But long term it created distance.

- James ships Violentine.

- Charlie ships Clouis.

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