Violet x Minerva Prompts

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Disclaimer: this is a controversial ship for whatever reason. Don't come for me or anyone in the comments.

This is how I believe Violet and Minerva would be like if they had a relationship outside of the apocalypse.
All are based in a modern AU.

- Violet is the submissive one out of the two, meaning she happily lets Minnie get her own way.

- People sometimes view Minerva as borderline abuse with how she treats her girlfriend. That also includes some members of the Ericsson's group.

- Minerva is a closeted lesbian, and only pretends to be friends with Vi when they hang out around her family. Sophie, Minnie's twin, is aware of the relationship.

- Violet has no siblings, and sees Sophie as her own sister.

- Within the Ericsson's friendship group, Vi and Minnie aren't the power couple. That's Clouis.

- Brody originally set up Minnie and Violet, hoping they would become good friends at the start of the school year. She didn't know they were secretly crushing.

- Clem is always the one to give advice to Vi regarding the relationship, as they are best friends.

- Violet did have a secret mini crush on Clem, at the start of her relationship with Minerva. However, she got over this after seeing how happy she is with Louis.

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