Captured Clementine

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Hope you enjoy❤️ warning: violence and strong language

Clementine POV

From the events of last night, Clementine had managed to get herself captured by the evil group known as the Delta. They are just assholes that steal kids for their own war, and think it's okay to do.
Giving up her own safety, the brunette girl had thankfully saved Louis and Violet from capture.

Unlike others would, Clem felt no resentment towards any of the boarding school kids for this event unfolding. She just hoped someone would come back for her.
She made her own choice, and it cost her safety and freedom, rather than anyone else's.

That meant, no harm would come to them in this universe.
Part of the consequences of this heroic act, was Clem coming to physical harm at the hands of an ex friend.

Dragged through the woods in the middle of the night, Lilly had held the young girl hostage with a gun to her the entire time.
"I always thought your dad was a racist. Guess asshole must run in the family, since you turned out like this." She spat in pure hatred.
"My dad always wanted the best for me, and that some times meant other people had to suffer." The older woman from her past responded.
Being bold, the not so innocent girl replied, "I'm glad Lee left you on the side of the road that day. Shame he didn't finish the job and kill you though."
"Fuck you Clementine." Lilly whispered harshly, for only her to hear.
"How about you fuck yourself instead, you evil bitch." She responded with gritted teeth.

Having had enough, Lilly roughly shoved the girl to the ground by her ponytail. The same ponytail that was held together by the hair ties Lilly gave all those years ago.
Without even a warning, a shot rang out through the woods, but also straight through the girls foot. A spike of pain rattled her body in unbelievable ways.

Not letting them win, Clem replied, "Is that it? I was shot at aged 11, so that was nothing."
"I'm sure we can make it worse if you ask nicely." Lilly retorted with an evil grin.
Thankfully, none of the raiders made the painful gun shot wound worse, since they had other plans for the girl once they arrived at the boat.

Being stuck in a cell on a grim boat isn't how Clem would have thought this would go. At least there was no harm coming her way, and she was only being held against her will. In the apocalypse, it doesn't take much for things to escalate or worsen.

"If you don't let me leave right now, I'll make you assholes regret every messing with us!" Clem screamed through the bars of her jail cell.
A middle aged woman appeared, dressed in a jumper and combat trousers, had an evil look to her. "Quiet down. Or I'll make sure you never speak again." And flashed a pair of rusty bolt cutters.
That made Clem's throat go dry. She had no second guess that this woman was telling the truth.
They very easily kill her - or cut her tongue or fingers off, if she didn't get in line.

"There's no need for any crazy bodily harm lady." She retorted, not being able to help herself.
The woman was now pacing the cell corridor, ensuring everything else was in order. She was a tall lady, and had evil eyes to her.

Continuing, she said "Look, I'm sure this is too much effort for what it's worth. Just let me go and we can all be on our separate ways." Clem tried to reason, semi civil.
"I warned you." The dark woman hissed, slamming open the cell door.
Making a menacing way over, Dorian had a range of weapons on her body. Meat cleaver, pistol and the bolt cutters at hand. Instantly, Clem began to back up and put distance between the pair.

"I'll make sure Lilly knew exactly what your smart mouth was chatting, before this had to happen. Besides, it's not like I dislike doing this." Dorian hissed again, grabbing the girl by the scruff of her neck and throwing her to the cold ground.
Landing with a shooting pain in her elbow, Clem let out a pained scream. "Fuck you."
The evil woman reached out to grab the girls face, but was unable to.

Before Dorian could lay even another hand on the smaller girl, she had been violently bashed to the floor by a wooden object. The crunch sound her skull made on impact was bone chilling.
And, the sound of her limb body hitting the metal floor was also enough the make a persons skin crawl.

A panting mess, all Louis could do was stare at the woman's bloody body on the ground.
"Oh my fuck, I'm so glad to see you." Clem mumbled in relief, pulling the boy into a hug after scrambling off the floor.
Continuing, Clem said "The evil bitch wouldn't have hesitated with whatever she was going to do. So, I owe you one."
Huffing, Louis pushed the dreads off his face. "I think I owe you quite a few more."

"Where are the others?" The girl asked, seeing no other kids around.
"They are all kicking raiders ass, while I came to get you." The boy explained, resting Chairles on his shoulder.
"So you came, for me?" Clem asked, touched at the words.
"Of course I did. We all did." Louis replied with a smile.

With their hands in each other's, the pair just gazed at each other.
"Thought I lost you." The dread head sighed.
"Only for a minute." Clem clarified her safety.
"Longest damn minute of my life." Louis finished, nothing but relief in his veins.
The youth couple just shared a smile, before being brought back to reality.

Grabbing her knife from a random box, Clem began speaking, "We need to get off this boat."
"Right. Willy managed to make a bomb so these asshats don't come back." Louis agreed.
"Great idea. They can't hurt anyone else then." The short girl replied.

And, not long after that, everything else was a huge blur.

The huge ship had been blown to pieces by Willy's tiny bomb that he crested from Mitch's old instructions. That meant, no more trouble was coming their way from these child snatchers.
Most people managed to get out alive, aside from many walkers and every other raider.

Dorian had been killed by Louis in protecting his girlfriend, while AJ had the honour of getting rid of Lilly from this world.
But best of all, Louis, AJ and Clementine had been reunited as a family with minor injury.

The whole events of the last few days could now be left behind them, and thought of as a one bad dream.

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