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Clementine POV

Lee and Clem had been partners in crime throughout the 8 years of the apocalypse. That meant, the man was very protective of the girl he raised from age 8. He was like a father figure to her, especially since her parents death.
Protection from walkers, death and boys were all in his duties. That meant, keeping Louis away from his innocent Clem.

Louis and Clem had gotten closer the last few weeks, which meant potential feelings between the two became more obvious.

There was one time where Clem and Louis were partnered to work in the green house. Lee obviously wasn't happy by the muttering of "Motherfucker." Under his breathe. The harsh frown on his face was also a dead give away.
Thankfully, Clem heard it before Lee could do anything too crazy.

Currently playing a card game, Louis was giving subtle winks and flirty comments every now and then. Clem would either eye roll, or just giggle. There was no denying she liked his goofy company though.
Lee was just observing them, in the background.
They were playing truth or dare, with cards. Louis got the highest, while Clem had the lowest card.

"So, Clem. Anyone here you like like?" Louis asked, with a raised brow. He was interested in this answer.
"Well, I mean-" she started, but was cut off by another voice.
"Get away you bitch!" Lee shouted, trying to get the duo apart. He didn't like someone trying to date the girl.

He was storming over to the group, heading straight for Louis. The teen boy instantly made a run for it.
"Get back here, you punk!" Lee aimed it at Louis, attempting to chase after him.
"Lee, what are you doing?!" Clem shouted now, trying to get the man to leave him alone.
"Teaching this boy a damn lesson!" Was his daft reply.
Finally, after a while, Clem was able to get Lee away from the poor teen boy. Of course, he was rumbling swear words under his voice after not being able to touch the boy.

Louis POV

Later in the evening, the group were chatting around after dinner. Thinking he's smart, Lee said "Ya know, there's lots of stories of boys getting eaten by walkers for flirting."
Clem warned the man, "Lee.." She said sharply.
"That's funny you say that, because there's also tales of old men getting kicked out of the group for causing violence." Louis retorted, half joking.
Clem had heard enough. Calmly, she said "There's also stories of two boys heads getting smashed together with my foot if they don't shut up."

And, that was the calm end of the beef between Louis and Lee. Mainly because, Clem was much scarier than Lee.

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