Marlon x Brody Prompts

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Disclaimer: this is a controversial ship for whatever reason. Don't come for me or anyone in the comments. 

This is how I believe Marlon and Brody would be like if they had a relationship outside of the apocalypse.
All are based in a modern AU.

- Brody's parents do not like the look of Marlon when they first met, with his rough look and mullet. But they realised appearance isn't all.

- Marlon occasionally smokes cigarettes and Brody absolutely hates it.

- Brody and Marlon are absolute opposites.
She's preppy and polite. Whereas he's abrupt, and rough around the edges.

- Louis has always known about his friends crush on Brody. He would none stop talk about her in lessons, lunch and on the phone.

- Marlon has a short tempter. The slightest thing can trigger it. But is anyone surprised there?

- Brody often gets criticism from her friends and family regarding her relationship, which makes her mad. If she wants advice, she'd ask for it.

- When it comes to making mutual decisions, the pair work well as a team to make a conclusion.

- Louis noticed his mullet friend has gotten a lot happier since dating Brody.

- Brody is a sucker for the boys mullet. While everyone else chats shit about it.

- Marlon is obsessed with Brody's ass.
Someone of y'all might have noticed that in my other story, That Boy is Mute.

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