AJ x Tenn Prompts (friendship)

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Another request-

- The young boys have only known each other for a short amount of time, but quickly became friends.

- Another boy in the class, Willy, hangs out frequently with the pair. But AJ finds him strange.

- Clem knew that the two boys would easily be friends for life when they would argue over simple things, but would quickly get over it.

- Often getting in trouble at school, AJ would always then rely on his new friend to bail him out of punishment.
Works every time.

- AJ's parents often hang out with Tenn's parents, since they are constantly at each other's houses.

- Tenn is the one with the more mature mindset, even if he isn't much older.

- Alvin Junior is the one with a short temper.

- AJ and Tennessee met in art class, with AJ heavily critiquing his future friends drawing, and later editing it without permission. Tenn was annoyed but got over it when he realised that it looked better than before.

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