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Clementine POV

During the lonely nights in her dorm room, it wasn't rare for Clem to get nightmares. It would be from things in her past, to made up scenarios which she hoped weren't true. 
Lee's death, Kenny's death, loosing AJ or having another raider attack on the school.

The current nightmare tonight was one of the worst possible.

AJ was well in front of her for one minute and then was out of her reach, the next. He was surrounded by walkers. With no way to escape. The precious boy got bitten, right in front of her eyes. His poor voice was strained in agony cries. There was nothing she could do. Clem physically couldn't move.

Shooting up out of bed, the girl was drenched in a cold sweat. She didn't even notice the tears running down his face from the painful made up situation. Her brain couldn't comprehend the dream wasn't real.
"AJ!" She frantically spoke, attempting to find him in the shared dorm room. Not in his bed, not under the bed and not hiding in the cupboard.

Rushing in the light room, Louis grabbed hold of the frantic girl. She wasn't having any of it. Clem did everything in her power to escape his comforting grip.
"Clem, stop! He's outside with Tenn." He tried to reason, restraining her.
Still fighting with all her strength, Clem shouted back "No, you don't understand! He got bit and I couldn't do anything."
"No he didn't. It was a dream. AJ's safe." Louis reasoned, shaking the girls shoulders to make her see sense.

Giving up, Clem gave up fighting and just went limp. There was no energy within her.
"I couldn't protect him. Just like everyone else, he died." She sobbed into the tall boys jacket.
Stroking her curls, Louis replied "It was a bad dream. That didn't happen."

Not able to get a grip on her emotions, Clem just sobbed. The nightmare was a reminder of all the people from her past that died. Some were caused by her, others she couldn't prevent. It was a painful reminder of the unforgiving world out there.

This whole time, Louis just held her and refused to let go. He hated seeing her this way. She was a strong girl, until the night terrors came. It was a regular occurrence too.
Rocking her back and forth, it seemed to calm her slightly.
"None of it was real. Your brain made it up to torture you." He explained, still not letting her go.

They just stayed that way for a few minutes. But it felt like forever.
Finally leaving his grip calmly, Clem wiped her face with the back of her hands. "Sorry you had to see me like that." She apologised, with an embarrassed laugh.
Louis grabbed the side of his coat, a habit he did often. "Still the most beautiful girl I know." He flirted smoothly.
Clem laughed, giving him a soft punch to the shoulder. "Alright Romeo, whatever you say." She retorted.
Defensively, Louis smiled and replied "What? It's true."

"You're too good for me." Clem said, fixing her crumpled clothes.
"Maybe so, but I wouldn't want anyone else other than you." Louis retorted, kissing the girls damp cheek.

He continued, "Let's get you back to bed. You've been exhausted recently."
With no further argument, Clem happily obliged. "Stay with me." She mumbled, before dozing off.
"Wouldn't have it any other way darling." He simply replied, stroking her hand as she drifted back to sleep.

For the rest of her sleep, Clem didn't have a nightmare. It was peaceful for once.

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