Respect (Scrap from That Boy is Mute)

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With Clem asleep behind him, Louis was occupying himself with other random things in his room.

Tidying his childhood toys hidden away, going through art supplies and getting rid of dusty books.

Noticing his ringing phone, Louis answered the incoming FaceTime.

It was Marlon.

"Hey stranger. I was thinking of throwing a mini get together with a few friends. What do you think?" The blonde boy asked, coming though the speakers.

Louis just nodded in reply, even if he wasn't a fan of parties or anything similar. From the random loud voice, Clem fidgeted in her nap to get away from it.

Squinting to see the figure behind him, Marlon quickly figured it out. "Dude, is that Clementine behind you?"

He paused, realising it was the girl sat behind his friend. "Tell you that you didn't-"

Louis abruptly ended the call, knowing it was the only way to shut him up. After all, the mullet boy would take any idea and run with it.

Marlon: tell me that isn't what I think it is.

Louis: nothing happened. She just came over and fell asleep after we got food.

Marlon: or she fell asleep after some special action took place.

Louis: I'm not talking about that with you.

Marlon: that means you haven't got any yet. Dude, hurry and make a move.

Louis: fuck you talking about my girlfriend like that man

Marlon: see, you're angry for no reason. gotta get laid my dude. Anyway, I'll text you details later.

Louis just let out an eye roll to that last message. Although him and Marlon are best mates, he can be arrogant at times.

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