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Carrion (The Bren Watts Diaries #1) by DAlecLyle
Carrion (The Bren Watts Diaries #1)by D. Alec Lyle
When a deadly plague spreads like wildfire, 17-year-old Bren Watts is trapped at Ground Zero of a global pandemic. ---- Bren and his classmates are stranded in New York...
⛓️🖤M̑̈ȃ̈d̑̈ ̑̈W̑̈ȏ̈ȓ̈l̑̈d̑̈🖤⛓️[Lee Su-Hyeok x Y/N] by 1_piggy_1
⛓️🖤M̑̈ȃ̈d̑̈ ̑̈W̑̈ȏ̈ȓ̈l̑̈d̑̈🖤⛓...by PIGGY!
All around me are familiar faces Worn out places, worn out faces Bright and early for the daily races Going nowhere, going nowhere Their tears are filling up their glass...
Run.  by ImagineAWorldLikeTht
Run. by m.
You hear the shrieking and growling behind you, edging closer and closer. Your muscles scream as you continue to push them harder and harder. You force away the swelling...
Mr. Ninja ( Rick Grimes x Male Oc ) by Panda-Mon
Mr. Ninja ( Rick Grimes x Male Oc )by PANDACHAN
This story is about a young man who was jumping from building to building to try and get away from the hoard. By as he was running he happened to see a little boy win br...
Rebirth of MC Chpt 1 - 101  (unedited translation) by Rainchildx
Rebirth of MC Chpt 1 - 101 (unedi...by Rainchildx
The MC died during the apocalypse and then he was reborn 1 year before the start of the apocalypse. He then suddenly opened/found out a heirloom's secret, he possesses a...
Rebirth of the Original Heroine Counterattack by Cat_MTL
Rebirth of the Original Heroine Co...by StrayCat
Title: 重生末世原女主逆袭 / Wan Jie Sa Hua Author: 夏至春秋 When the female lead is robbed of everything by the female transmigrator. When the female lead is forced by the female tra...
all of us are dead oneshots  by sugaxchimmy_
all of us are dead oneshots by morgan🍃
I DO NOT OWN ANY OF THESE CHARACTERS. Just the stories. • all characters/actors in this book: -lee suhyeok played by park solomon -lee cheongsan played by chan-young...
Rain BTSXOC by DropDeadAlice
Rain BTSXOCby DropDeadAlice
The world's atmosphere finally took it's last hit. The world started fighting back, and as a result humanity was infected. Insane humans roam the earth, searching out hu...
A quirkless way to survive by NekoM4ster
A quirkless way to surviveby JustAnotherSuperPerson
Follow Izuku, the quirkless kid who failed every entrance exam for High School, in a adventure through the apocalypse, a world of quirks and the quirkless kid is the one...
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This Crappy Life (Season One) by EmmaIsaac
This Crappy Life (Season One)by ♡༄ᴇᴍᴍᴀ༄♡
[A New Adult Zombie Apocalypse Romance] "If you would've told me the last day of our peaceful existence would be a boring Tuesday in November, I would've called you...
The Survivors | BTS ✓ by kxmtae__
The Survivors | BTS ✓by ⨯kxmtae⨯
It was a normal day at school. The long morning classes followed by lunch and eventually dismissal. But dismissal never arrived that fateful day. Instead, something else...
Still Alive  by Miya_Shin
Still Alive by Miya_Shin
All of us are dead x Male OC
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction) by LoesALoser
RUN (A BFB Fan-fiction)by LoesALoser
The end to BFB is near, with only three contestants left (which coincidently end up being the original final three in BFDI) the final challenge is about to take place. ...
The End of the World: Superhero Male Reader x Marvel Zombies by OverlordAKX
The End of the World: Superhero Ma...by OverlordAKX
It's been 4 months after the beginning of the plague starting with Sentry who then caused it spread into heroes such as Colonel America, Luke Cage, Black Widow, Hawkeye...
Dangerous Encounters [Dangerous Fellows x Reader] by etherealsadgirl
Dangerous Encounters [Dangerous Fe...by ❀ etherealsadgirl ❀
Thanks for 46k! RANKINGS: #1 #dangerousfellows The infection. It ruled your life like a king that took far too much, forcing you to live a life of somber solitude. You w...
Stray // Daryl Dixon by kaboott
Stray // Daryl Dixonby kaboott
"You lose everyone, that's just the way it is now. Get used to it." The new world, where blood and dirt stained your body like it was your favourite perfume. G...
The Little Things ~Rick Grimes~ by _lilyobrien_
The Little Things ~Rick Grimes~by Lily🐙
Rick Grimes, on a quest to find his family, runs into a girl who won't give up her name so gets stuck with the nickname peach. Peach agrees to help Rick find his family...
dead weight || twd imagines by eowynix
dead weight || twd imaginesby eowynix
"please, you don't understand, you don't know.. we're dying.." the walking dead imagines i own none of the walking dead characters
ᴀɴɢᴜɪsʜ » ᴅᴀʀʏʟ ᴅɪxᴏɴ by melodyXriddle
ᴀɴɢᴜɪsʜ » ᴅᴀʀʏʟ ᴅɪxᴏɴby ⇢ ˗ˏˋ 𝕷 𝖚 𝖓 𝖆 ࿐ྂ
Willow and Jodie Hunter, two sisters who are thrown into a new world order, must rewrite their odds. Everywhere the sisters may turn, cold rotten hands reach out for the...
ကမ္ဘာပျက်ကပ်၌ ကျောင်းကျောင်း နေ့တိုင်း ရုန်းကန်နေရတယ် 🍀ဘာသာပြန် by LEAF277
ကမ္ဘာပျက်ကပ်၌ ကျောင်းကျောင်း နေ့တိ...by 🍂
I don't own this story. Credit to author/s and translator/s. Title-In the Apocalpyse,Jiao Jiao struggled every day [JJSED] Author - Tián Yuán Pào English translator...