Boat God Returns

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Clementine POV

Kenny and Clementine friendship goes way back, all the way back to when she was around 11 years old. Originally thinking he died saving Ben, the two accidentally met up in a ski lodge, up in the mountains.
After that, Clem and Kenny plus their group were together for s good while before getting separated again. It was decided for AJ and Clem to join Wellington, with Kenny leaving them there.

He also gave his cap to her, making sure for AJ to wear it. It blocked out the sun from his view, which was important these days.
It was a heart breaking choice for him to make. Even though he wasn't their father, it was still painful to let them go. But, that was years ago.

Currently aged 17 with a recently missing leg, Clem was the new leader of Ericson's. That meant, she gave the orders now. The recently found caravan group was a new found opportunity for the boarding school kids to move on. They could learn to move forward, and grow to trust strangers.

Talking to Louis about the plan, she spoke "I want you to go tomorrow morning and try to make peaceful contact with them. Maybe we could strike a trade of some type of deal."
"Good idea." Was his reply, checking over the map again.
After a brief pause, Clem muttered "And this is the part where you tell me you'll be really careful."
Giving a small smile, Louis kissed his girlfriend's cheek to calm her nerves.

"Can I come?" A small voice spoke. It was AJ, the boy she protected with her life. Just like Lee did for her.
"Of course you can, little dude. An extra pair of eyes is always useful." Louis said with a grin.
Clem confirmed with, "It's decided then."


The caravan group was a slight distance from the school, which meant a distance to walk.

"Who do you think they are?" AJ asked, talking to the taller boy.
He gave a simple shrug. "No idea. Maybe a fleeing group?" He suggested.
"Hmm, maybe." The goofball simply said, agreeing. "Do you think they're friendly?" He asked.
Shrugging again, Louis replied "I hope so. It would be easier if they were."

After some brief discussions, the caravan group agreed to return back to the school. It allowed an agreement to be made, plus less risk of an ambush. It was only a group of three.
So far, AJ didn't recognise anyone from the group.
There was an older guy, with grey hair and facial hair. He spoke with a southern accent.
There was a Hispanic guy, with his girlfriend. The guy had facial hair, and also had a baseball bat for protection. She was young looking, with a braid in her hair.

Arriving back at the school, Louis rushed to get their new leader.
"We managed to get the group back here. They're peaceful so far. Only three adults." He said, giving her the much needed information. The couple see heading out from the admin building.
"Thanks Lou." She replied with a smile, and began moving on her crutches to meet the group.

Upon seeing the group, Clem could only muster the words "Holy shit."
There were a group of people that she had stumbled on, from her past, totally accidental.

"I thought you were dead." Clem muttered, in total shock.
Stood before her, for a second time, was Kenny. Although he was also in shock, he just laughed. "I'm sure you said that last time, at the ski lodge." He replied, approaching her.
Hopping closer to him, she mumbled "I can't believe that you're actually here, again."
"Neither can I. Gosh, I'm so happy." Kenny whispered, wiping his eyes from tears.

AJ emerged from the dorms, with the old baseball caps in his hands. Clementine's and Kenny's.
"You still wear that dirty old thing?" Kenny joked, referring to Clem's hat.
"Yep. But he also wears your dirty hat too." Clem replied, noting that AJ also had his hat that he once gave.
"It helps me see in the sun!" AJ perked, placing it on his fluffy Afro.

Clementine wore her dads old hat, AJ wore Kenny's old hat and Kenny just looked on in shock.
"I can't believe I got you two back again." Kenny muttered, reaching out for a family hug.
Clem, AJ and Kenny were finally reunited for a third time. It must be destiny for the three to be together, since no one can be this lucky.
The three shared a tight family hug. It was the tightest hug ever.

After pulling away, Clem had a huge smile on her face. No words could describe her glee.
"Where's Gabe?" She inquired, aiming it to Javier.
"He decided to go off with David, not long after you left to find AJ. We haven't heard from him since." He explained, feeling sad at the nephew leaving.
"Oh. Makes sense, since he was always wanting to help David." Clem spoke her thoughts.
Javi nodded, agreeing. "I'm sorry. I know you two were close."

Louis perked up at that. "Close? How close exactly?" Javi noticed the boys stance, assuming it was Clem's boyfriend.
"We weren't even together." She giggled at his growing jealous behaviour.
"Well, sorry that you failed to mention this during the card game." He huffed, crossing his arms.
"Awhh, jealousy isn't a good colour on you Louis." She teased her boyfriend, giving him a kiss on the cheek.

Wanting to end the lovey exchange, Kenny called out "I think this reunion calls for a celebration!"
Everyone hollered in agreement.

And that was one of the first nights of many where Clem could share it with her future, Louis, and past, Javi and Kenny.

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