Still. Not. Bitten.

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Clementine POV

During the dramatic fight on the bridge, Minerva had sliced Clem's leg clean open with her axe. Although injured, she lucky to live the murder attempt. Soon after, the red head villain was eaten by walkers. Unfortunately, so was her brother Tenn - in an attempt to save Louis.

Louis had swiftly gone back to the school, after successfully climbing a fence. AJ and Clem had no time to climb it, since walkers were quickly closing in.
"You get back to the school! We will find another way." Clem shouted to him, heading towards a bunch of rocks.
"Stay safe!" Louis shouted back, before disappearing back into the woods. That left the other kids alone, fighting and running their way through the herd.

The pair were dramatically scaling the rocks, in an escape attempt. Her sliced leg was starting to cause issues, due to the mass shooting pains it caused. It made Clem slow down, even with deadly walkers right behind her. They wouldn't hesitate to bite her either.
"Come on Clem! You can make it." AJ chanted, reaching to grab her hand.

Clem gripped his small hand, and successfully pulled herself back onto the rock. Rolling onto her back, she huffed in an attempt to get air back in to her worn out lungs. Still not bitten.
"We're safe." She muttered, still feeling the pain in her leg. Thankfully, it was only one sound rather than a bit. That truly would be the end.

Given a minute to recover from the heavy work, Clem dragged herself back off the muddy floor. Her leg felt so heavy compared to normal. It was agony.
"Keep moving forward." Clem mumbled to herself, using the stolen axe as a support for her weight.
AJ repeated the line, "Keep moving forward." Which gave her more motivation.

A short walk later, there was James walker barn a short way in front. The looming walkers were frowning closer, with them being in yet again more danger.
"Look. It's James's barn! We will be save in there." AJ huffed, carrying his own body plus the older girl.
Giving the younger boy instructions, she shouted "Lock all the doors and kill any that get in." While crawling around the barn floor to assist in any way possible.

A drawn out fight between the pair plus walkers occurred after that. AJ used all of his possible strength against the undead, ensuring that they were now dead. That way, it allowed them to be safe.

After catching her breathe again, Clem had found herself stuck to the floor against a hay pile. It took so much effort to try to get back on her feet, but with AJ's pleas, she had to try.
"Please, try to get up! I need you." He reasoned.
"No, you don't. Look what you did, all by yourself." Clem sighed, motioning to all of the recent successes.

There was a brief looking pause.
"I'm so sorry kid. I can't move anymore." The girl whispered, feeling her own emotions become connected.
"You have to leave me. Get back to the school." She finished, after attempting a few more tries to get off the floor. Her leg was just too injured.
"This just happens sometimes." Clem explained the harsh reality softly.
"But this wasn't supposed to happen to you!" AJ exclaimed, his face wet with tears.
Clem let out a soft laugh, wanting him to be happy. "Maybe not, but we can't always stop these things."

She was so quick to give up on herself. Even if it was just a gash on her leg, rather than a bite. AJ wouldn't give up on her though, not yet.
"I'm going to go back to the school and get help. You can't die here. Not like this!" AJ explained his plan frantically, gathering the walker guts and axe he needed.
"There's no point. It's too dangerous." She mumbled, slowly growing weaker.

AJ had managed to escape the barn, leaving Clem alone and passed out on the floor. He needed to get help for her and make sure she got home too.

Louis POV

AJ returned to the school, frantic and high on emotions. He knew that Clem needed help, and would die without it. Her leg needed stitching and disinfecting.
The first person he witnessed was Louis. So, that was the very first person AJ would force to help.

"You need to cover yourself in walker guts and come to the barn. Clem's in danger and gave up." He simply explained to his father figure, hoping for help.
"Whoa little dude. Slow down." Louis spoke, attempting to clam the situation.
AJ burst out in emotion, "No! Clem needs you now more than ever." And grabbed the boys older hand, dragging him away.
"Alright, let's go and save Clem." Louis spoke, finally giving in. After all, his girlfriend needed him more than ever. The older boy wasn't going to give up on her.

Arriving at the barn, Louis managed to sneak into it past all of the walkers. It wasn't easy, but it was possible.
In the middle of the barn, against a stack of hay, was Clementine. She was still, with a pool of blood around her injured leg. Her usually tanned face was growing pale, with visible sighs of exhaustion and blood loss. The dark circles under her eyes were deep in colour.

Rushing over to his girlfriend, Louis brushed the hair away from her face. She was so fragile in this state.
At the contact, the passed out girl stirred slightly at the unexpected contact. It was a natural reflex to get away from danger.
"It's okay love. I've got you. You're safe." He whispered to his delicate girlfriend, rocking her back and forth in a comforting way.
Hearing the familiar voice, Clem quickly went less tense.

She knew she was save with him. And only had AJ to thank.
After all, he ignored her demands to leave her behind and instead got help.

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