Mini Xmas Special

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What other way to celebrate Xmas early than posting a random chapter?

"Can we put the Christmas tree up yet?" Louis called from the bottom of the stairs.

Poking her head across the banister, Clem replied "No." Before going back to whatever it was she was doing.

Louis let out a groan. "But why not? It's the holiday season!"

Shouting back, Clem simply retorted "It's October!"

"Exactly! It's only two months until the big day we call Christmas." Louis fired back, crossing his arms over his chest like a child.

Making her way down the stairs, Clem responded "Halloween is tomorrow. Let's at least have this conversation after then."

To which, the boy with dreads let out a scoff. 

"I have all your presents wrapped up, you'll be glad to know." Clem randomly interrupted, keeping the topic festive.

"Oh yeah?" Louis pressed back.

Clementine nodded at that. "Yep. So I will need somewhere to put them soon anyway." She grinned back, smugly.

"So we can put up the tree then?" Louis smirked back.

Clementine just shrugged. "Not today but sure."

"Great! I'll go and get it from the attic now." Louis eagerly spoke, whisking off in the direction of the shed for his ladders.

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